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EXCLUSIVE HOT RUMOR: Upcoming Reshoots To Give JUSTICE LEAGUE A Second Major Facelift

EXCLUSIVE HOT RUMOR: Upcoming Reshoots To Give JUSTICE LEAGUE A Second Major Facelift


Shortly after we published the original report on the extensive Justice League reshoots, our source contacted us to offer further clarification:

“There are more reshoots COMING SOON. There have been a bunch but they’re going to do MORE.”

The clarification was necessary because initial conversations made it unclear whether or not Warner Bros. was finally done overhauling the film. Now we know that, in addition to reshoots and on-the-spot rewrites, the studio has scheduled even additional photography to help get the final product into tip top shape.


Justice League fans, we’ve got some big stuff to share with you here. But before we get started, let’s make a couple of things crystal clear:

  1. Yes, we know reshoots are a normal part of every major film’s production cycle. Those kinds of run-of-the-mill business-as-usual reshoots are not what this story is about.
  2. We are, by no means, inferring that this means doom or gloom for the DCEU tentpole. There are plenty of films that have been given serious facelifts in recent history that went on to be pretty damn good, so none of this is meant to say “Grab on tight! JUSTICE LEAGUE is gonna take you on an express train to Suckville!

Which brings us to some really interesting news we’ve just received from one of our highly trusted sources…

We’re hearing that Justice League has undergone some serious reshoots.

[Quick Note on Our Source: This is the same person that informed us of how extensive the reshoots for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ended up being- which we broke when we worked elsewhere, and this person is so intimately connected to the Justice League production that they told us about Ben Affleck’s visit to rehab weeks before the star publicly acknowledged his personal struggles. Even as we tried to verify the Affleck story, with several people saying there was no truth to it, this source was adamant that the Batman star was seeking help for an alcohol problem. We didn’t run the story, because we’re not a celebrity gossip site, but when Affleck eventually revealed his rehab stint to the world, it only cemented our faith in this source, and confirmed that they’re very close to the situation.]

So about the serious reshoots…Initially, we shrugged. “So? All these kinds of movies do. That’s totally normal. Who cares?” That was our attitude about it, and we asked them what was so special about what was going on with Justice League. We specifically asked if it was the standard kinds of pick-ups and reshoots that these films typically require, or if they were the kind that were going to change the film in a major way. They responded that the changes being made to the film were “significant.”

Okay. Vague.

How significant?” we asked.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity, they said that in the 17 months between the start of principal photography and the final cut arriving in theaters in November that the film will have essentially been “remade…twice.” 

They refused to offer any further details, but they said that Warner Bros. is really putting everything it has into overhauling the movie. Apparently, they didn’t like what they were seeing and so the film has had a lot of work put into trying to make it better while on its way towards its November 2017 release.

Again, this can all be for the best. As a fan of these characters and stories, we’re all pulling for a badass movie.

But just how important is it for Warner Bros. to get this movie right?

Very. Why?

Justice League is set to be the culmination of years of planning, going back to 2012 when Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was in production. Snyder and the brain trust at Warner Bros. knew full well that they wanted the film to act as the first entry in a new shared universe of movies based on the DC Comics property that the studio has owned since the late 1960s. The film would introduce us to an all-new take on Superman, which would be followed up by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice– a movie that would blow everything wide open by giving us fresh interpretations of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor, as well as glimpses of The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The plan with that film was to set up DC’s marquee super-team: The Justice League.

The problem is…Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t really pass the baton on so nicely, in terms of transferring momentum to Justice League. The film was ravaged by critics, and it was extremely divisive amongst fans (who awarded it the same so-so CinemaScore they gave the failed Green Lantern movie). From a financial standpoint, trusted industry news outlet Deadline’s experts have deduced that the film only made a net profit of $105.7 million, which is quite mediocre when you consider that Warner Bros. invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the film hoping it would make north of a billion dollars the way the previous two solo Batman films had. Instead, it topped out at $873 worldwide, with the lion’s share of that money going towards covering costs.

To illustrate how disappointing the net profit margin for Dawn of Justice was, Warner Bros. actually made more money off of Suicide Squad than they did on the epic first-ever cinematic confrontation between Batman and Superman. Yes, that other 2016 DC release brought the studio $158 million, as per Deadline.

Jaume Collet-Serra

How does all of this tie into what’s going on with Justice League? Well, due to the way that the studio had lined up its production slate for the DCEU, the superhero smackdown entered production mere weeks after Batman v Superman began its disappointing run. And it did so with essentially the same creative forces as Dawn of Justice, i.e. creative forces that produced a film that underperformed and failed to create widespread goodwill for the DC brand. This would mean that Warner Bros. would have to roll up its sleeves and be very hands-on with the production of Justice League, in order to make sure that it soared where Dawn of Justice soured.

Rumors began right away that Snyder was no longer going to be the DCEU’s visionary, and that he was going to be on a very tight leash while working on Justice League. To that end, Ben Affleck and George Miller- two successful directors- were brought onto the film as producers. Meanwhile, higher up the food chain, Warner Bros. brought in DC Comics guru Geoff Johns to be the new Chief Creative Officer and Co-President of DC Entertainment. The studio hoped that surrounding Snyder with the right people might help him create a film that had wider appeal and be more beloved by the masses.

You may recall that Jason Momoa posted this image, celebrating the initial “wrapping” of Justice League‘s production way back in October of 2016. (Side Note: Knowing what we now know about Affleck, the image is kind of hard to look at.)


Several months later, though, Momoa was summoned back to the Justice League set for reshoots. Heck, his 2018 solo Aquaman movie was even delayed a grand total of five months (from July 27, to October 5, to December 21) during Justice League‘s post-production cycle. The actor had to cancel an Oz Comic-Con appearance as recently as March because he was needed for JL, to give you some sense of what the reshoots have meant to the actor’s schedule.

We were unable to get a timetable for when, exactly, the reshoots took place, or a list of who was involved. All we were told was the sheer size and scope of the work that was done, and the general idea that these were not the standard kinds of reshoots that major motion pictures typically undergo. Our source would know. No, these were the kinds of reshoots that imply there’s a very nervous studio trying to do everything it can to fix something.


With the recent news that King Arthur was set to be a colossal bomb for Warner Bros, and with projections for Wonder Woman making it look like it’ll open $20 million less than Marvel’s Doctor Strange (who has nowhere near the kind of household recognition or importance of DC’s iconic heroine) in its opening frame, you really can’t blame the studio for being nervous.

But, again, none of this is to say that Justice League won’t turn out great. Just look at the aforementioned Rogue One. That film ended up having half of itself reshot (with a different writer and director, no less!) and still ended up being well-received.

I’m reminded of a quote that came from Riz Ahmed, one of the stars of Rogue One, around the time of its release:

“There were a ton of reshoots. But if people want to read anything into that, I’d encourage them to read into it the guts it takes to unpick stitching rather than just try to embroider over it, to make it right. I admire [Lucasfilm President] Kathleen [Kennedy] and Gareth [Edwards] and the whole team for having the guts to go, ‘Let’s reopen this. Let’s do some of this again.’ I think it’s because they really care – and hopefully that’s something that shows when people see the film.”

Why do I bring that up? Because it speaks to the idea that extensive reshoots aren’t inherently bad. It all comes down to the way in which the additional work is incorporated into the film. Are they reopening Justice League and fixing things from the inside out like LucasFilm did with Rogue One? Or are they just adding a bunch of scenes they think will smooth out the edges, but end up making for an unfinished and uneven final product like what happened with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad? The latter film was destroyed by critics for being too scattershot and inconsistent, and it was later revealed that the studio had cut together “six or seven” different versions of the movie after spending millions on reshoots and extending post-production on the DC flick.

As DC fans, we can only hope that Warner Bros. learned from last year’s mistakes and takes a more measured approach towards the overhaul of Justice League. Even Batman v Superman suffered from hasty decision-making, with many fans thinking the “Ultimate Edition” that came out a few months later on blu-ray was vastly superior to the theatrical cut that the studio created of the film when they became concerned about the final product. The studio’s not in a great place right now, and they need these big budget franchise films to start living up to the time and money they’re investing in them.

When a film about a relatively little-known character like Deadpool makes its studio 3x as much profit as the loaded Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did (Fox made $322 net profit on the movie), you know its time to start reevaluating how you’re doing things. Let’s hope Warner Bros. is taking its time and creating a Justice League movie we’ll never forget.

We’ll just have to wait and see. For now? Just know that things have been anything but business-as-usual for our Super Friends in the Justice League.

Stay Tuned! I’ll be discussing all this and more on tomorrow’s episode of the El Fanboy Podcast, and the talented staff here at The Splash Report will be keeping you up-to-date on all things DC in the weeks to come! Don’t keep us a secret. Share this article with all your friends and let them know where the best scoops are!

Batman v Superman

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Mario-Francisco Robles

MFR is a writer, columnist, critic, and podcast host. You can find more of his personal ramblings over at

  • razorstar90

    Okay, I don’t think this necessarily means doom and gloom. If MOS and BvS made a few changes to character motivations, plot structure, toned down Jesse’s Lex Luthor, and let Cavil be charming they would have been much better movies.

    So if you get a guy like Johns who can say: “No Zack we aren’t going to make Batman shoot that guy in the face with a bazooka” or “No Zack, Flash doesn’t tear out people’s hearts using his Super speed”

    This could work. On the other hand, this is WB and WB under this current regime is “bleh”. They did a ton of reshoots to King Arthur and that shit still stank.

    BUT, they do have talent around Zack that could either rein him in or tell him to sit down and wait in the corner if he wouldn’t listen. I mean George Miller, Ben Affleck those dudes have clout. Like I said, if you make several changes to both MOS and BvS they would have been received better.

    For instance, if Superman moved the fight from Metropolis to an abandoned lot that would have fixed the ending for a lot of people. If Superman found some way to reopen the phantom zone instead of killing Zod. BOOM that issue fixed. If they cut out that tornado scene and just had Pa Kent die of a heart attack BOOM another scene fixed.

    See it could work

    • Mario-Francisco Robles

      Absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly.

      I’ve always said that all the elements are in place for great movies. They just have the wrong guy utilizing those elements (Snyder).

    • All I want is a good freaking JLA movie and if reshoots can fix the problem then so be it. It worked for Rogue One, and they shot 40% – 50% over that what you saw on the trailer was totally different from the film that was released and it worked. But then again you had a different director in Tony Gilroy, who also is a great screenwriter.

      • razorstar90

        Well maybe WB has Ben Affleck and George Miller as producers. Maybe they stepped in, possibly?

        • Brian

          Do we know George Miller was brought on as a producer or was it a contractual for Justice League: Mortal?

        • HORSEFLESH

          George Miller is staying well away from this train-wreck. His credit is only nominative because of a previous contract.

    • Amano Jack

      All good ideas. But you just made another movie that was far different from the one that actually did get made. They just can’t make good choices, because they’re obsessed with deconstruction.

      • -ve

        they didn’t even understand these characters in the first place to deconstruct! like – Batman would rather train 100 Robins at the same time and arm them with gadgets and weapons to take out Metas than recruiting them. and why those Metas would want to follow the lead of a murderous vigilante anyway?

    • -ve

      ‘surrounding Snyder with the right people might help him create a film that had wider appeal and be more beloved by the masses’ – the most pathetic part is, this article wouldn’t even need to be written in the first place, if people had the same kind of faith in DC as they have in Marvel, and a lot of it is due to Snyder being the director. it doesn’t matter who they surround Snyder with, it’s his name being attached to this project that’s the issue. If the movie was directed by anyone else, WB could remake the movie ten times over and it still wouldn’t alarm anybody near as much, not even a click-bait.

  • RJ

    Smart money would put John Stewart in this movie. And very smart money would put both John and Hal in this movie, and have a plot inside a plot. of course we all know what Batman and Wonder Woman are doing, assembling a team to face an invasion. But have the Green lanterns investigating the movements of Batman and Bruce Wayne, but mostly trying to figure out where is Superman. People say he is dead, but the power gin and the Oan book of knowledge have no recording of his death. Because Superman is not dead, his body is in a reserve state his heart is so faint no human instrument could detect a beat. But the Power ring can hear it loud and clear, but they have to find his location. Once Stewart finds his burial site, he uses his ring to retrieve the body and he takes it to the Sun The ring says it will restore him to above full power in short order, all this happens as Hal confronts Batman and as he is about to take down Batman and his minions, the invasion begins, so of course he joins in to help the metas from Earth, while John is waiting on Supes to be RECHARGED…That is how I see it going down…I think Superman needs a big finish, but Stewart needs the biggest splash, because he is a property that has yet to hit the big screen. DC has a chance to make a HUGE FIRST IMPRESSION WITH JOHN STEWART AND HERE IT IS. No doubt Superman needs to score and score big, but John is linked to Justice League and the Green Lanterns. DC Failed with Green Lantern, Man Of Steel, and I hear Wonder Woman is suspect at best. John Stewart gives you a new high value character and you can’t allow him to fail at making the BIGGEST FIRST IMPRESSION YOU HAVE LEFT TO MAKE…John is the most powerful of the Green lanterns have him make that impression here. It is not like the invasion will happen in just one state or on one continent. John and Superman could be in California or over the pacific or in Asia Superman gets the Steppenwolf collar, while John mows down an entire Army (of Parademons) and SEALS THE BREACH FROM WHERE THE INVADERS ENTERED…It’s all about first impressions…John Stewart gives you a giant named character to make that first IMPRESSION with…

    • Would love to see that.

    • -ve

      none of these will happen unfortunately, because the director’s name is Snyder, and the only character he cares about and will allow to have a big splash is Batman. everyone else will be reduced to cameo. they introduced JL members in BvS with freaking email attachment! so don’t be surprised if Green Lantern is shown at the very end of the movie only as a cliffhanger.

      • RJ

        Sad, but I do agree. That was evident in the Dawn of Justice. Nothing about Batman and Superman fight gave Batman more than a second of life. Nothing. Superman could have scorched him from three miles away, melting that Armor to Batman’s body. But no they had to create some angle to allow Batman to win a fight, WHEN SUPERMAN’S MOTHER life was on the line. Superman would have used his hearing, to find his mother’s heart beat and scorched Batman on the way. It just didn’t make any sense. If nothing else you have Superman and Batman gain each others trust and smarty pants Batman tell Superman you need to look humanized. I will defeat you on national television, and people will become less afraid of you, and smile a little, people will acceot you as warm and inviting…But no, none of what is Batman was used, and all OF GLORY HAWG BEN “GIGLI” AFFLECK was used. The film has to be about me…DC needs to put its product ahead of all its PAID talents. Heck you could hire me for far less, it might take us a day or two longer to finish the project, but I will dedicate myself to the project and it would be bombazz…

        • -ve

          this is the Superman who broke the handcuffs, walked up to the General and said, ‘you can’t control me’, or dropped a 12 mil $ drone in front of his car and said, ‘I am here to help, but it has to be on my own terms’…and in the very next movie, it seemed like they surgically removed his spine and cut off his balls, just so Batman can outshine him!

          what was kryptonite doing in the world engine in the first place? why wasn’t Zod and his men were affected? Lex found it purely by luck, a bigger sample would require even a bigger luck, and a strategist like Batman was waiting for ‘luck’ for 18 months? what was his plan B? have you seen Hishe’s ‘how Batman v Superman should have ended?’ –

  • Brian

    I thought George Miller’s producing credit was a carry-over from the scrapped Justice League movie…

    • DJ Aloriv

      you aint wrong brah!

  • Amano Jack

    I was wondering when this was going to come out. I applaud you for your restraint, and not coming out and saying, ‘Justice League is going to suck.’
    But, Justice League is going to suck.

  • Saurabh Kulkarni

    I mean being a DCEU fan boy even I thought the trailer sucked. I mean whom are we kidding the action scenes are ridiculously time lapsed, CGI isn’t good, Wonder Woman is having Wardrobe Malfunction, Superman is Missing and again the movie seem very dark. By dark I mean dark. I hope this “re-shoots” news is fake and the movie turns out to be Kick ass. Also when ever WB had conducted reshoots those movies have fail miserable to impress critics. I think its high time WB should also start kissing Critics ass like Disney/Marvel does. Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2 Gets 80% on rotten tomatoes, seriously? The Climax was felt like it was stolen form Man of steel and Green Lantern’s Climax with all Blue Blobby thing trying to destroy the worlds and Two Celestials who belong from the same planet fighting against each other.

    • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

      Ah, the obligatory “GoG 2 sux!” comment! Can’t have a day without it, am I right? You know how pathetic and insecure you come across with that crap? I haven’t even watched it, and I don’t care how much critics like it. But I do know that no matter how good or bad Marvel is, Snyder and Tzujihara are running the DCEU into the ground, and all I have left is to hope that after they are gone, someone will put it on the right track.

      • -ve

        all I hope is when they are gone, and someone else does come along and put it on the right track, I’d still be alive to see it.

      • Al

        What’s crap? There’s a good case to be made for GoG 2 sucking and an 80% rating does strike me as too high. It was watchable but deeply flawed (weak plotting, much forced humour etc.). I thought BvS was okay but deeply flawed too (muddled plotting, poor characterisation, poor motivation).

        BvS was more of a disappointment as I really wanted more out of the film but I’d probably choose to watch it over GoG because I thought the bits they got right were excellent and it does have more substance and some interesting themes, when you pick them out of the directorial mess.

        Anyway, Snyder won’t be running anything into the ground – he’s been sidelined in a big way.

        • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

          What’s crap is that people like him have the need to shit on the opposing team’s success every time their own team shits the bed. This article has nothing to do with Marvel.

  • -ve

    ‘surrounding Snyder with the right people might help him create a film that had wider appeal and be more beloved by the masses’ – the most pathetic part is, this article wouldn’t even need to be written in the first place, if people had the same kind of faith in DC as they have on Marvel, and a lot of it is due to Snyder being the director. it doesn’t matter who they surround Snyder with, it’s the attachment of his name with this project that’s the issue. If the movie was directed by anyone else, WB could remake the movie ten times over and it still wouldn’t alarm anybody near as much, not even a click-bait.

  • Kerk Crotchlickmeoff

    This may not mean doom and gloom, but it DOES mean that the Studio is not happy with what Snyder made. In other news, the sky is blue.

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  • Rick Capelli

    I think the mistake is they’ve made is two movies so far, one with villains as anti-heroes and then another as two good guys against each other. This series needs evil, needs real villains. The villains make these movies. Hopefully Steppenwolf won’t be some goofy old uncle of Darkseid shooting off one liners. If that’s the case I might just walk out of the theatre. Steppenwolf needs to truly be what the Joker, Scarecrow and Ra’s were to the Dark Knight Trilogy.

  • DJ Aloriv

    @mariofranciscorobles:disqus and @Kellvin:disqus drop scoop bombs and the everyone just loses their minds…damn I love this shit!

    WB needs to get this thing right otherwise they’ll be forced for another EPIC reboot with nothing but lint in their pockets to show for it. I mean truth be told, Gotham Sirens, Suicide Squad 2 and Batgirl should NOT be your first lineup for a fight at the box-office.

    Let’s see how this all shakes out.

    • Look at the end of the day I’m a huge DC as SUPERMAN is my favorite superhero character and I still think Donner’s Superman: The Movie is the best comic book movie, right along The Dark Knight. I just think DC Films is going to fast with JLA and trying to catch up to Marvel when they should have done solo films first but I really hope JLA kicks ass and its all on the screenwriter.

      • DJ Aloriv

        I’m with you compai! The majority of my comic books from when I was a kid were Superman and Batman. I want nothing more than a solid JL movie and if this is what needs to happen for us to get it…than so be it. My concern is that it might be too late…the good graces of DC fans could be spent. We may have all become cynics…I know I am but we’ll see.

        • I mean, I look at Rogue One and World War Z, they got major fixes and ended up being not as bad as fans/or people make it out to be. So I have hope they can get it right.

  • ob1adobe

    It comes down to two things

    Are the making the movie better?

    Or are they just doing it to shoe horn in more crap to set up the DCEU?

  • Catena’s Beauty Atelier

    Suck it, DÍCÍ!

  • Dr. Weezil

    Heh, George Miller brought in as producer.

    Based on this fantasy alone, this is all garbage.

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