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Exclusive: THE NUN Story Details

Exclusive: THE NUN Story Details

The series that began with 2013’s The Conjuring has become an audience favorite spawning a few prequels and sequels, including Annabelle: Creation, which opened last week. James Wan & Co. are now working on another prequel/origin story, penned by Gary Dauberman, the writer behind the Annabelle spinoffs, called The Nun.

Our sources have now given us a lot of detail about what will happen in this upcoming film, set to be released in 2018. Read on if you don’t mind being spoiled about what will happen in The Nun!

Really the movie should be called The Nuns. The story takes place mostly in an Abbey outside the city of Brasov, Romania in 1952. It begins with a nun, clearly terrified of a demonic shadow stalking her, hanging herself outside of the castle’s window.

This occurrence and the locals’ insistence that the structure is haunted prompts Rome to send Father Burke (who will be played by Mexican actor Demian Bichir) and Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga, Vera’s sister who appears in the original Conjuring movies). Burke has experiences with exorcism, it is later revealed, and Sister Irene has had visions her whole life that make her suited for the job.

Arriving in Romania the pair encounters a local “Frenchie,” who they quickly take up as a guide. The movie then sort of ambles on for a bit until the final climax. The pair spends the night near the abbey and sees mysterious and mostly frightening things, including the desecrated corpse of the nun from the opening scene and a demonic winged boy who tries to kill Burke.

The final confrontation happens after a flashback scene at the local pub explains to the pair the origin of the haunting of the castle from medieval times. Essentially, the place is a portal to Hell.

We won’t spoil the details of what promises to be the scariest part of the movie– Burke and Irene’s return to the Abbey to confront a series of possessed nuns, led by the titular “The Nun,” revealed to be an incarnation of the demon Valak who is in The Conjuring 2.

The big reveal comes at the end of the film, which we wont spoil it for our fans

The Nun arrives in theaters July 13, 2018.

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