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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Recap with Spoilers S3E3: Teotwawki

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Recap with Spoilers S3E3: Teotwawki

After last week’s shocker of a two-part premiere, Fear the Walking Dead season 3 continues. The death of Travis and the introduction of the Otto family are equally massive moments from last week, and our heroes, the Clarks, are dealing with those – while Victor Strand and Ofelia still have problems of their own. Let’s get this party started, shall we? Spoilers on for tonight’s episode, “Teotwawki.”

The Fear the Walking Dead  episode kicked off with a political ad stating “the Great American experiment has failed.” Ummm okay. Yeah, this is for Jeremiah Otto, who is pitching his doomsday plan, “How to survive Teotwawki, the end of the world as we know it” – episode title alert! That was… oddly light-hearted and fun? It just makes me nervous that things are going to go bad quickly like they did in episode two…

A taste of normal… for a second

A real, normal, funeral being held for Charlene turned a little sour when her mother looked at Madison and said “she wasn’t risking her life for the unprepared” quite poignantly. Madison didn’t bite, though – she stood up, offered condolences and thanks for their generosity. That’s a big moment for her, for sure. Some of the citizens are a little worried about the person or persons that took down the helicopter; Vernon and the completely terrible Troy who I can’t wait to see get his, try to stoke the fire.

At mealtime after, Alicia and Maddie meet Vernon’s daughter Gretchen, who is very, very upbeat. Again, that trouble alarm is a-ringing.

Nick and Luciana have a chat – she wants to leave ASAP.

When Madison heads to her cabin, Troy is laying in one of the beds waiting for her. He… seems to think that she’s some kind of kindred spirit.

A quick look-in at Strand sees him looking for a man named Dante. He finds him, and has a gun pointed at his face, you know, like usual for this poor bastard.

One big happy

The Clark family pow wow sees them a little at odds with each other. It seems Madison at least somewhat blames Nick for Travis’s death, so that’s healthy. Alicia just seems… defeated.

Madison stands up for her family to Jeremiah, and calls out Troy’s actions, which he still refuses to actually acknowledge. This willful ignorance is not going to end well. Jake remains the Otto family member we least hope dies, so there’s that.

The younger Clarks, meanwhile, can’t seem to connect. While Alicia didn’t like what mom said to him, she won’t tell Nick what she’s been through.

Jake and Troy’s conversation is considerably more confrontational – the families on this show really put the fun in dysfunctional!

The Head of el Jefe

The “religious meeting” or “band practice” that Gretchen invited Alicia to turns out to be some weed-smoking – though they do at least quote the bible while getting hiiiiiiggggh. Oh, they also have the zombie head of a dude named Jeff in a bird cage and they all have a good laugh about it because these people are all crazy.

In some cut footage from the video at the top, Jeremiah was very angry with his family, holding his wife (Troy’s mom) for another take when she didn’t want to. Madison was watching; she realized that Tracy was an alcoholic, and Jeremiah said that was her cause of death, before everything fell apart and the walking dead were wandering around.

Oh good, Strand’s okay!

Hey, Strand is actually okay, hanging with Dante, drinking some Champagne, and chatting about good ole days with Thomas. Sinister music is playing, though. WHY IS SINISTER MUSIC PLAYING THIS IS FINALLY A HAPPY MOMENT?!

Alicia and the smokin’ for Jesus crowd talk about her life before getting there – and then they share theirs, too. They call Jeff “The dead alive,” so that’s another new one to call them. Their conversation gets a bit dark when Alicia admits she killed a man. It was “easy.”

Dante is living at a damn. He takes Strand on a walk, to witness the execution of an old Mexican enforcer. He literally drops him off the damn onto a pile of dead, who start eating him. And here’s the sinister music payoff – Dante is threatening to do the same to Victor because of his “need to take.” Victor offers to help Dante with protecting his water. Dante accepts – on his own terms.

Troy invites Nick out “hunting” – cleaning up the dead around the compound. Yeah, this is gonna go well.

Just cannot get a read on Jeremiah Otto. He has a genuinely friendly chat with Maddie and they share a smoke. He certainly is well-stocked. As he shows Madison his “pantry,” we see buckets and buckets and boxes and boxes of supplies, plus a full armory. He really does believe they’re going to make not just a new life for themselves, but a “better” one.

On the Hunt

Nick tackles Troy and puts a gun to his head. All Troy really says is “if you do it, time it. The journal’s in my pocket.” So he’s crazy, but he is genuinely intrigued in the science of it. Nick takes the journal and starts ripping it up, which doesn’t actually set him off, with Nick laughing the whole time. “I think we can be friends now,” Troy says, and just like that we’re supposed to trust him I guess? Hmmm… nah.

Lucy and Maddie haven’t had much screentime together, and they don’t pass the Bechdel test here (they talk about Travis almost immediately).

Hard to think about that all being one day. While things seem to have gotten at least somehow better for all the major players, there’s obviously still some… uncertainty here. Madison volunteers to go out with a group, led by Troy, to see what happened to the people trying to find out what happened with the helicopter. We look forward to the group that goes after the group going after a group or person.

Finally, Victor Strand is being held – and someone comes to give him water… what the hell? It’s Daniel Salazar, and it looks like somehow the old coot is actually still alive!

That’s all for this week. Be back next week for more Fear the Walking Dead!

Fear the Walking Dead airs at 9pm EDT Sundays on AMC.

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