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Fear the Walking Dead Recap with Spoilers: S3E8 Mid-Season Finale

Fear the Walking Dead Recap with Spoilers: S3E8 Mid-Season Finale

You don’t need a recap of last Fear the Walking Dead episode – you can read it by clicking right here and it just ended an hour ago! Come on, people! Nick’s in serious peril and Ofelia’s to blame. Let’s gooooo.

Out in the Open Desert

Ofelia is out walking, alone – time to find out her story. It’s a replay of her crossing the border and Jeremiah finding her. He talks to her, and when he hears her voice, which sounds like she grew up in America says she’s “free to go,” but won’t give her a ride. He calls her a brown person and says there’s “no use for you on the Ranch.” Sooooo this is him sowing what will become the revenge she reaps, huh? After he drives off, Ofelia keeps walking, alone in the desert. She’s out in the middle of nowhere and drops her pack, stumbles, and keeps going. It’s like this for God knows how many hours and miles. She starts hallucinating her father, yelling at her to stay awake. She’s out. Walker finds her, out on his horse, gives her some water, and begins the journey back to his HQ, aka Black Hat.

Her skin is dried and burnt, with blisters. He bathes her, gives her clothes and food – they haven’t spoken yet. They introduce themselves.

And we’re back in the present, with Ofelia stumbling around looking for a gassed up ride with keys in it. Just as she’s about to start a truck, Madison punches out he window and drags her out, beating and interrogating her. How could she have done this?

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

The Day after

The Ranch cleanup – mostly of bodies, is underway. Nick is in the infirmary – someone else who was poisoned dies and turns, and Jeremiah comes in to put him down with a bullet to the skull. Ofelia put a powder in the coffee the night before – she didn’t even know what. Nick is barely hanging on.

Ofelia and Madison are driving out to Black Hat, and Ofelia says the powder was only supposed to make them sick, not kill them. Madison drags Ofelia into the diner at gunpoint. Walker tries to reason with her and she says she doesn’t care about Otto, about anyone, she just wants to know what the poison is. Anthrax. Shit. Walker respects Madison’s proverbial balls, and says she’s free to leave. He tells her to take her family and leave the Ranch. If not, she’ll die.

I’m on a boat!

Time to catch up with Strand, who’s hanging on by a thread (get it?). Wandering around alone along beachside bungalows looking for food, he finds something better – his boat, moored in the shallows of the water. There are a few infected on it, so he grabs a harpoon gun to try to take them out – trouble is, that’s only one shot. He manages to take them all out, 6 or so, though.

At the Ranch, Nick wakes up, still puking a bit. Madison returns with the update, and Jake is pisssssed at her. He tells Troy to gather what’s left of the militia, Madison says to arm anyone able-bodied, and Jake goes off on her. Then, privately, he tells Troy she’s right. Alicia thinks she has a plan to avoid more bloodshed.

Strand looks around the boat – it’s dead in the shallows, and there’s not much left on it. He does find his old white sport coat and a bottle of bubbly, though, and almost looks like himself. It’s very sad.

Sam Underwood as Jake Otto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Nick recognizes that Jake is sick, and says they should swap spots because he’s feeling better. Reluctantly Jake uncuffs Nick, but he’s still not going to take fluids for himself. Nick heads back to his cabin, having been warned by Jake that Jeremiah will disappoint him, and pulls up the floorboard Jeremiah shot a few episodes back. What is going on here?

Ofelia and Taka have some shit to work through. She’s not happy being turned into a killer or turning against the Clarks. They’re interrupted by a fire. A big fire. Madison and Alicia are there, looking to steal back some supplies. Troy and his boys start getting shot at – they were spotted starting the fire. Troy makes it back to the truck to escape – they’re towing away the trailer of Native American artifacts, including Taka’s grandfather’s bones. Damn, truly, nothing is sacred anymore.

Massive Revelations

Nick found what he was looking for – a body was buried under the floor of the cabin. He asks Jeremiah who it is. It’s the skull of one of the Native Americans – Walker’s father, who had come by the Ranch to find out what happened to his brother and two others that the founders had killed for daring to come around. Nick’s not happy about this. Jeremiah tells him if he can’t get right, he can leave. Sounds like Nick’s about ready to change teams.

Madison, Alicia, and Troy return with the artifacts trailer. The Nation isn’t far behind, with tons of firepower. Nick tells his family about what Jeremiah did, and the kids agree that there “has to be a line we don’t cross.” He reveals to Alicia that Troy killed the Trimbols – she is not okay with this. “You’re just like them. You’re worse,” she says to her mother. Madison declares that this is her strength.

A drunk and passed out Strand hears someone on the radio – it’s… someone speaking Russian? Holy shit, it’s a COSMONAUT. “I saw the lights go out on the world three days before my scheduled re-entry.” He’s literally talking to him from space, and THE WHOLE WORLD IS INFECTED. They bond over some Chekov quotes… and Karl Marx. Earth’s rotation is taking him out of range, and he tells Strand to have a glass of Champagne for him. I can’t say exactly why this is so heartbreaking – especially since confirming this happened worldwide is still shaking me up quite a bit.

Parlay part 2

Madison and Walker are having a new parlay – he’s not having any of it. She offers him back his father’s skull, and he says it’s not enough. They have until sundown the following day to leave or die.

Strand is done running. He’s burning the boat, and with it his past. He also looks pretty resolute and badass. Well, the Abigail is no more. Strand takes off.

Madison tells her family about home in Montgomery, Alabama. A lonesome little girl knew everyone loved her daddy, a local councilman who knew everyone’s names. But he was an alcoholic, and life was hard for the little girl and her mother. Holy shit again – as a kid she shot her dad with his own gun “while he slept off the night before.” Alicia and Nick are a little shocked. “I’d do it again, I’d do it a thousand times to protect her. To protect you.” These kids really don’t know their mama very well.

Madison heads to Jeremiah’s house, where he’s building up fortifications to “go Alamo.” He pours a couple drinks and thanks her for standing by the Otto boys and trying to keep the peace. She tells him there’s still one way to keep the peace. “You here to kill me, Madison?” She’s not going to, but she does put her handgun on his desk and tells him to do it himself. “Do this or everyone dies, including your sons.”

Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Aaaaand Jeremiah finally reveals who he is, a selfish piece of shit. He literally says “to hell with them” about his own kids. Nick walks in, and Jeremiah starts taunting him and Madison – before he can finish the sentence, Nick shoots him square in the forehead.

A promise seen through

Madison sends Nick away, and Jake and Troy come into the home and retrieve the body. They load it up in the back of a pickup, presumably to drive it out to Walker. There’s also a coffin in a barn that someone is walking up to? It’s Madison… huh.

Next it’s Madison walking out to Walker with a backpack. She puts it at his feet – um, yeah, there’s a head in there. I guess it’s Jeremiah. Madison is straight thugging., and I guess the Otto boys just left entirely with the rest of his body. Walker nods at Madison, and leaves peacefully. Hey, Madison DID say she’d take the Ranch over if she had to, the day they arrived. Promise fulfilled.

AND THAT’S IT. Holy crap, what a finish to the mid-season. That’s it for Fear the Walking Dead for the next several weeks, but there are eight episodes left. Presuming it’ll lead directly into The Walking Dead season 8’s premiere in mid-October, we can guess Fear will be back sometime mid-to-late August (conveniently, right when Game of Thrones wraps their season in the same timeslot). We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we know for sure.

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