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Exclusive: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY Story Details

Exclusive: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY Story Details


In the past two weeks, I’ve discussed a project featuring Dwayne Johnson and a biopic about Vince McMahon. For a nice change of pace, how about a movie that combines aspects of both those things? Let me introduce you to Fighting with My Family, a wrestling biopic produced by The Rock himself. Stephen Merchant (co-creator of The Office) a.k.a. Caliban wrote and directed this film about WWE Diva Paige.

Why should we care about this? Take a look at this documentary on YouTube WWE Films financed the project, and MGM will release the movie next year.

Meet the Knight family, your typical trailer trash from Norwich, UK. They’re running a small wrestling company called WAW headlined by themselves. Ricky Knight (Nick Frost) is a former crook who changed his life after prison. He and his wife Julia (Lena Headey) have run this promotion even though they’re hiding from creditors.  Their two children Zak (Jack Lowden) and Saraya (Florence Pugh) have followed in the wrestling footsteps. Both of them dream of being recruited by the WWE. After almost harassing members of that company, the two siblings get a tryout when they come for a show in London.

Saraya signs a contract and Zak is sent home empty-handed. She’s sent to Florida to train to become a WWE wrestler. She meets former wrestler Hutch (Vince Vaughn) who’s the trainer for all the new recruits at NXT (the minor league of WWE). Saraya has trouble adjusting to her new life and almost quits. Helped by her family and the wise advice of Hutch, she decides to dedicate herself to her craft and becoming a WWE Diva.

What I love about this screenplay is that the Knight family are real people. It doesn’t gloss over their flaws or makes them even more trashy than they are. They actually love each other’s, and we can genuinely feel it. Nick Frost is a fantastic comedic actor and the perfect choice to play the patriarch of the Knight family. It will be quite fun to see Lena Headey play someone sympathetic instead of the morbidly sinister Cersei Lannister.

For your Wrestling fans, here are the main difference between real life events and the movie:

  • Zero mention of Roy Knight, the step-brother of Zak and Saraya. He just doesn’t exist in the film.
  • Before getting their tryout for the WWE in London. The two Knight children had wrestled a lot through Europe. The story omits those facts to make the Knight family look like they have no chance at the big time.
  • The film over-dramatized Saraya’s training and debut in NXT in Florida. She is seen struggling and having a hard time fitting in. While in real life, She became an instant star in NXT.
  • The story culminates with Saraya now called Paige winning the Diva Title at Wrestlemania 30. While she won it the next day at Raw. It gives the story a more dramatic and satisfying conclusion.
  • The Rock cameos twice in the story. It’s highly unlikely that he had any interaction with the Knight kids in their London tryout and he wasn’t at Raw before Paige’s debut title win.

Fighting with My Family is set to hit theaters sometime in 2018.

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