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Finally The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Is Here!

Finally The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Is Here!

Jumping Jehoshaphat! You wait (seemingly) your entire life for a trailer to come out for the movie that will likely cause you to have a geekgasm, and then one morning it’s just here. Words… no. Let’s watch, then we’ll talk more. Okay, you ready to see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer? GO!

So much to take in. So much awesome. This gumbo took about a decade to get just right, but hot damn. Anyway, here’s what I felt and saw:

  • Tony is forever sad
  • Looks like Banner just got done being green… or grey… or red. Calm down Richardson, they wouldn’t do that until Infinity Gauntlet. Right?
  • Vision with SKIN?!
  • Hulkbuster armor is still around huh? Guess that’s Tony’s best bet to hitting Thanos
  • Bruce Banner has some ‘splaining to do after disappearing on Black Widow like that
  • That Spidey-sense though!
  • Pleas be cool Loki
  • Spider armor!
  • Yes, get Cap a shield!
  • All the Doctor Strange stuff looks weak
  • Poor Vision
  • I love seeing the gauntlet
  • Why does every superhero need their mask off? First Cap, now Black Panther, Thor NEVER wears that helmet from the first movie… I’m a nerd.
  • War Machine in full affect! I see you Rhodey
  • Oh, Thor is gonna need a good replacement eye
  • Yeah, this trailer lacked a lot of Guardians

May can’t get here soon enough! I’ve already watched it four times.

And, now that we’ve all watched and talked, here’s Take My Breath Away:

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