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Flash Spoiler For JUSTICE LEAGUE

Flash Spoiler For JUSTICE LEAGUE

Splashsters, November 18th is just a stone’s throw away, and that means everyone is whispering about what to expect from Justice League. Entertainment Weekly spoke with star Ezra Miller who plays the Flash. And, while discussing the film, Ezra dropped a bit of knowledge for the fans that may question his costume:

 “I can confirm, spoiler alert, his suit does not pop out of his ring [in the movie].”

Well, there you have it. I hope you’re sitting down and haven’t fallen through some nice Ikea furniture. No, it’s not the end of the world, though I must admit it will be awesome to see that eventually. They may just skip it all together, but visually that would look amazing. But, I think they’d have to change the suit if they went that route. Now, it looks like knight armor, and those don’t fold too easily.

“Well, you know, look… I can confirm, spoiler alert, his suit does not pop out of his ring [in the movie]. Things have to progress, you know? Original Barry Allen was clearly an incredibly, incredibly clever scientist. We acknowledge and respect that… We want to apologize to the fans who are mad about the ring thing.”

Miller is currently slated to reprise the role in the Flash-centric film, Flashpoint, and teases the possibility that other bits of the character’s mythology will appear in the DC Extended Universe. “I know the ring is the coolest thing about the DC universe,” he says. “It was a little hard for us to sell in this version of this universe right now. Bear with us! There’s gonna be other cool things.”

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