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Star Wars: Former Wookiees General Struggling With Drug Problem

Star Wars: Former Wookiees General Struggling With Drug Problem

Do you remember during Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith, where all the Wookiees defended the planet of Kashyyyk? The presence of the Wookiees generally in that film was one of the highlights. In fact, a professional basketball player turned actor, 37-year-old Michael Kingma, was one of those Wookiiees. He portrayed the important character of General Tarfful, who led the Wookiees into battle. While Wookiiees might have struggles themselves, the one that Kingma is suffering from is very real and now very public.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Kingma, who is from Ettalong Beach, New South Wales, Australia, went back and forth between the Sydney courts in fighting charges of breaching bonds for drug supply and property believed to have come from crimes he committed. His lawyer, Josh Jones, highlighted how Kingma had been in custody for 12 days. This was not his only offense.

Kingma also admitted guilt earlier in the year to driving while under suspension and marijuana possession. Probation officers, Jones stated, said Kingma had ambivalent feelings toward drug use, which he denied. However, Jones was direct about what Kingma was truly struggling with.

“Mr Kingma has a serious drug addiction,” Jones said. “He’s taken steps to get better but it is clear he still has an addiction.” This could indicate Kingma may require a visit to a substance abuse rehab. Magistrate Margaret Quinn stated she would consider Kingma’s bail breaches only after he went through drug therapy successfully. 12-month bonds actually were imposed at Central Local Court during May for the breaches.

Kingma’s other lawyer, Pawel Kulisiewicz, announced when Kingma arrived in the Downing Centre Local Court before he was in court with Jones. Here, Kingma plead not guilty before Magistrate Clare Farnan to two assaults on a man on February 20 at Crows Nest, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. On behalf of the alleged assault victim, an apprehended violence order application. Kulisiewicz stated one of Kulisiewicz’s charges relating to drug supply had been withdrawn as of late. He also sought out for Kingma that the actor’s bail be varied only having the police to report it to on Monday only instead of every day as imposed in the beginning.

After getting to outside court, Kingma chose to remain silent about his current struggles. On July 26, he will be in court before a magistrate once more. For Kingma, this seems to be a tragic struggle for him. He may need to seriously consider getting help from a substance abuse rehab. It may not be easy whatsoever for his family or friends privately. For the fans, this is something that could be shocking to them. Who knew one of the Wookiies struggles with these challenges?

However, now that it’s out in the open, there could be a chance for everything to work out. For fans, it could mean fewer appearances of Kingma at various entertainment conventions such as comic cons. He was known for going to comic conventions with Peter Mayhew, the actor who has played Chewbacca in all of the Star Wars movies.

While it’s tough to overcome an addiction, hopefully, the support of the many fans he has both in the worlds of cinema and sports can give him the strength he needs to pull himself out of the current difficulties he’s facing.


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