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Game of Thrones Recap with Spoilers S7E2 “Stormborn”

Game of Thrones Recap with Spoilers S7E2 “Stormborn”

Last week kicked off the long-awaited seventh season with a bang on Game of Thrones . Let’s just jump right into tonight’s episode… Shall we begin?

Stormy weather

Things start right off with a storm over Dragonstone that reminds Varys of Dany’s birth storm. No one said “Stormborn” out loud though, so no drink just yet. Varys and Tyrion want to plot to take Westeros, not just burn it down. The conversation gets awfully contentious awfully quickly when Daenerys starts picking apart Varys’s history. He notes that he’s loyal to the realm more than to any individual leader. His speech – which seems genuine and true, is one of the best this show has ever had. “I know the people have no better chance than you.” She believes it, and tells him to swear that he’ll tell her to her face if she’s ever failing the people.

Melisandre arrives

In the scene teased at the Comic-Con panel, Melisandre is here to visit Daenerys. here, it’s revealed that the High Valerian prophecy “The prince will bring the dawn” is not entirely true; the High Valerian word has no gender and could mean prince OR princess. AH-HA! Melisandre says that Dany and Jon Snow both have roles to play (does she know Jon is in fact a Targaryen? Hmm). Tyrion agrees and tells Dany to ally herself with Jon Snow.

Dany agrees to summon Jon Snow… to bend the knee. Are they really meeting up? Is this happening!?

The King in the North

Jon and Sansa read Tyrion’s note about Dany and her army. The idea of having some dragons on their side against the coming Winter is pretty intriguing, though they’re a bit concerned for Jon’s safety.

Meanwhile, Queen Cersei warns the heads of houses about Daenerys, twisting the facts a bit, naturally. She paints Daenerys as a monster. “She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay.” Ummm yeah, they were slavers.

The Tarly family don’t feel great about this coming war, and Jaime tries to convince Ser Tarly that the Tyrell family and their Essos army allies are the wrong side.

Prognosis: turning to stone

Things don’t look good for Ser Jorah Mormont. The Greyscale disease has spread very quickly, and is past the point of being curable at all, the Arch-Maester says. He has one day before he’s sent away to live with the other Stonemen. Yeesh.

Cersei tours the cellars under the castle where the bones of Aegon’s dragons lie in rest. Qyburn has been developing powerful crossbows that can pierce a dragon’s hide and skull. This isn’t good.

Dany’s war council, including the Sands, Tyrells, and Greyjoys. Dany and Tyrion are ready, they have a plan to siege the capital using the Tyrell and Greyjoy armies. Greyworm and the Unsullied, meanwhile, will take Casterly Rock from the Lannisters. Ballsy! Can we talk about how wild it is that 4 out of the 5 people on this makeshift small council are women? That kinda rocks.

Lady Olenna tries to council Daenerys a bit that sometimes she needs to ignore her clever little man, her hand of the queen. “The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. Be a dragon.”

The second best ship on the show

Missandei goes to say goodbye to Grey Worm, and he tells her, “you are my weakness.” He was always the bravest unsullied and “now, I have fear.” AND FINALLY THEY KISS. Yes. Yes. Wait. No? Missandei stops him…. ummmm and then she takes off her clothes. She’s a lot of people’s weakness right now. She takes his off, too – his shirt. He doesn’t want to remove his pants because of the whole genital mutilation thing he went through as a kid. She convinces him and removes them, and still looks at him with love in her eyes. He lays her down and starts kissing um… okay, we’re not gonna write a whole erotica here. It’s going down. (phrasing)

Sam is walking through the library with Arch-Maester. He tells him he thinks he found a way to cure Ser Jorah, but the procedure is too dangerous and forbidden, Arch-Maester says. That’s probably not going to stop Sam.

It didn’t stop Sam

It didn’t stop Sam. He wheels a cart into Jorah’s room late at night. He tells Jorah he was with his father when he died, and Jorah’s not dying today. he sets him up for treatment, and is pretty honest throughout. “No one else will try this, so I’m the best you’ve got.” Holy crap – is he actually going to cut all the grey scale off him? Oh, and it puts out pus, too. Man, these Sam scenes this season are killllling us. He carves off a large patch of the greyscale on his chest and… cut. Phew.

Arya is out and about, eavesdropping and trying to find out what she can learn as she makes her way back to King’s Landing. Hot Pie is there! Ah yes, this place. Hot Pie asks why she’s not going to Winterfell, and tells her that Jon Snow is King in the North and killed the Boltons. She’s shook, thanks him, and leaves – but which direction is she going to go now?

Jon gets another raven – from the Citadel and Sam. It’s the word about the mountain of dragon glass under Dragonstone. He then also tells the families of the North about his message from Tyrion, Daenerys, and her three dragons. “He’s invited me to meet at Dragonstone, and I’m going to accept.” Jon knows they need dragon glass, and allies. Sansa is not into this idea, and others voice their dissent. Even Lady Mormont – “We need the King of the North in the North.”

Jon insists, he’s seen the Winter army, and he must go to try to convince Daenerys, King to Queen, to help. He declares Sansa Stark his regent. Littlefinger and Brienne both smile.

Littlefinger’s a snake, y’all

Littlefinger interrupts Jon while he’s visiting Ned Stark’s crypt, and tries to warm up to him, but Jon’s not really here for it. When Baelish says “I love Sansa, as I loved your mother,” Jon says, “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself.” Honestly, if he touches Sansa, Jon will have to get in line, behind Brienne and SANSA HERSELF CAUSE SHE’S A BADASS QUEEN REGENT NOW DAMMIT. Okay, sorry. Sansa just can’t get no respect.

Arya is alone with her horse, trying to stay warm – it looks like she headed North? Her horse is unsettled and anxious, which makes her start looking around for why. She hears a noise…. oh crap, it’s a whole pack of wolves. This isn’t good. She could really use a direwolf right….

Oh hi, direwolf! It’s Nymeria! Arya’s direwolf! She asks Nymeria to come with her back North to Winterfel. The wolf looks at her, sniffs her, and hesitates, then turns and leaves, her pack following. That was strangely heartbreaking.

Dornish women are awesome

The Sand girls talk about who they get to kill. Ellaria and Yara start flirting aaaand start making out – um, until the ship gets rocked. They’re being fired upon! Looks like it’s Uncle Bro Greyjoy, er, Euron, coming to take them down. His boat slams into theirs, and Euron is first to board. It’s all out chaotic hand-to-hand action now. Iron born versus Iron Born, it’s hard to tell who’s winning.

Ellaria’s daughter goes below deck to help protect her. Around the, the fleet is being completely demolished – seemingly every ship is on fire, and Yara can’t believe her eyes. Euron takes an arrow to the neck, and the other two Sand girls attack him, while their sister is killing his dudes down below. Euron kills one, and just as it looks like she’s getting the upper hand over him, he chokes out Nymeria Sand, as well. Dammit.

Now it’s Yara versus Euron. He’s a hell of a fighter, and so is she. But ultimately he overpowers her. He holds a blade to her throat and calls out for Theon, who’s been holding his own. Theon sees the men being tortured and breaks down, shaking and crying. He drops his sword and jumps into the water. Damn damn damn.

So much for that plan

The defeat was total. The fleet and the off-shoot Greyjoys are no more. Theon floats on a piece of driftwood alone, and DEAD.

Will Daenerys strike back? Is it time to be the damn dragon? Man, I hope so. We’ll see you next week on another Game of Thrones recap!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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