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Game of Thrones Season 7 finale review with spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 7 finale review with spoilers

Well, that happened. Yes, Game of Thrones is done for another year, until the final season, a short, six episode year that will close out the entire series. So how did the penultimate season come to a close? SPOILERS.

Sansa Stark is the MV muthafuggin P of this episode, pulling in Arya and realizing that the two of them are working together, and have been all along. Blood is thicker than water and they aren’t gonna let anything come between them. This Sansa arc is incredible, and ultimately, she seems to come out of this season as the top character to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of it all. We shall see, but at this point, betting against the Stark girls is betting against your own well being.

Cersei is… just still Cersei. She can’t and won’t ever change. Being pregnant only makes her more dangerous – she wants nothing more than to rule, and to leave a legacy of rule. If Cersei survives, she has to win – otherwise, she’s dead. That’s it.

Brienne is too good for this or any other world. We don’t deserve her goodness.

So, Jon – or should we say Aegon – and his aunt Danaerys did the deed. It’s not like that’s not a thing the Targaryen family would’ve been down with, and it’s far from the worst/closest incest that we’ve seen. Look, we want them together, making the world a better place – but they are related, by like one step. It’s so hard here – we really care so much and love the idea of Jon and Dany against the world, but if they’re together, something is also inherently wrong with that. She’s his aunt, guys. His aunt.

And finally, winter is here. The dragon undead has arrived at the wall and melted it down. This is not good, and it’s all we have to wait upon for the next year.

This season, completely unencumbered by books to adapt, has been spectacular. Things have moved at an incredible pace, and yet the personal aspects have never fallen by the wayside. In Game of Thrones, you know that you win or you die – right now, the fandom is falling apart, we’re all dying with each kill, we’re living with each triumph, we’re triumphant in each relationship realized, and we’re realizing we know nothing, like Jo – no wait, Aegon Targaryen.

Ultimately, thank you to this season of Game of Thrones. Now, the fact we have to wait another year to see this all come to its head is painful, but we’ve had such a story, such love, such passion, such hate, such agony, such beauty, it’s worth the wait.

And thank you, Sansa, for giving us life. Holy god almighty, Sansa.

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