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GODZILLA VS. KONG: Adam Wingard Is Taking The Monsters Face On

GODZILLA VS. KONG: Adam Wingard Is Taking The Monsters Face On

In 2014 Hollywood revisited the Japanese monster franchise, Godzilla, producing what is considered the best modern mega lizard movie, especially after the previous disasters, one of which saw a mutant iguana terrorize New York City. Moviegoers were teased with the idea that there would be a second Godzilla film soon to follow, but nothing came to the screen.

This year we saw another monster larger than life be revisited by filmmakers, King Kong, in Kong: Skull Island where the gorilla behemoth bashed other less friendly creatures into submission while saving the humans who found themselves stranded on his home of giant beasts. The end of it left us wanting more from the towering primate but who else would challenge the King? Well enter director Adam Wingard, the recently tapped director to steer the cinematic world to a gigantic collision in Godzilla vs. Kong set to release in 2020.

Though not name many recognize immediately, Wingard brings some good experience to the table with films such as The Guest and Blair Witch, neither on the scale of the film he is taking on but enough experience to let him take a dip in the monster pool. There is no denying that this is a big ship to take the helm of, especially with both films being successful enough to garner this kind of fan desire, but Adam Wingard is approaching it with a very mature mind. He shared with Birth Movies Death, his thoughts on coming on to a big budget film;

“Ultimately, I don’t think it affects me that much…. When you’re doing anything that involves a lot of money, it should not be an ‘us vs. them’ kind of thing, and as soon as you start treating it that way, it becomes that way. But as long as you’re open to ideas when they come–and sometimes they’re good and sometimes you have to push back—it’s just about being able to communicate. “

The key to making this big screen showdown a hit will be collaboration between all parties involved. It is one thing to make a great monster film where the individual terrors are the focus of their films but to make one where they face off and could possibly go for blows against other beasts requires a certain finesse and that is another little skill Adam Wingard has in folds from experience. His recent work on Death Note, the Netflix Americanized version of another popular Japanese character, where he was often under oversight of many producers but still felt freedom to make the final product he envisioned;

“On Death Note, which had many producers and a lot of oversight on it, I felt like I was 100 percent able to make the movie I wanted to make, the reason for that was because I was able to communicate with everybody involved…”

The soon to come bout is still in the early stages of production as the script is still a subject of what Wingard calls the ‘writers room’, a room where Patrick McKay, J.D. Payne, Lindsey Beer, Cat Vasko, T.S. Nowlin, Jack Paglen and J. Michael Straczynski, along with Adam Wingard all sit to toss around ideas for the Godzilla vs. Kong script. So far there is a focus on all characters and story arcs and how they relate to the monsters themselves, something that gives a feel that this will be more than just a rock’em sock’em fight between two dominant creatures.

With the movie 3 years away, because it would have to be a summer smash, there is plenty of time to create the film Adam has in mind and with the way he is approaching the task, fans may have a winner coming soon.

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