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Who Might Play Hal Jordan In The GREEN LANTERN CORPS?

Who Might Play Hal Jordan In The GREEN LANTERN CORPS?

The Green Lantern Corps are getting their own movie in 2020 and we’ve already seen actors like Sterling K. Brown and Tyrese push for the role of John Stewart. Casting announcements for John Stewart are imminent but lets’s not forget that it’s an entire “corps” that we’re casting.

And when you think about the Lanterns, you can never forget about Hal Jordan. The Wrap now has a list of names the studio is considering for the role in the upcoming movie:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Joel McHale
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Armie Hammer
  • Jake Gyllenhaal

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…DC and Warners can’t f*ck up here. This actor not only needs to bring charisma and some star power into the DCEU, he also needs to carry a film without the help of a Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, or Cyborg being in it. They need to hire the perfect choice for the character as well as the perfect choice to sell movie tickets.

The biggest surprise name on this list is absolutely Tom Cruise. Not only is he the oldest actor on this list and with the most amount of movies under his belt, but he’s actually never played a superhero. No, Jack Reacher and Ethan Hunt don’t count. I remember back in the day when he was rumored to be Tony Stark/Iron Man and even Ozymandias from Watchmen. Never panned out. Although he’s already played a cocky pilot in the past…is he willing to do it again while wearing a mask and tights? He’s an interesting pick.

I really can’t see Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds leaving Marvel for this. Especially at this point of their careers. Rocket and Deadpool are kicking ass and will continue to do so for the next few years.

Armie Hammer looks the part and can play douchey, but he’s not someone you want to build a movie around (see Lone Ranger).

Joel McHale? Love him but he’s not exactly the kind of guy, or big enough star, for this movie.

I think the winner here is Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s a tremendous actor with the physicality and chops to be that cocky pilot superhero Hal Jordan.

I’m curious if Matt Damon is or ever was a contender for this role. It would be cool to see him alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman in the DCEU.

With Justice League production underway you begin to wonder if  Green Lantern(s) might make a cameo in that movie too. I’d really like to think so. You can’t make a Justice League movie without the Green Lantern. Real talk.

What actor would you like to see flying around as Hal Jordan? Let us know in the comments section!


Source: The Wrap

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