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HELLBOY 3 Will NOT Be Happening According To Del Toro, Perlman

HELLBOY 3 Will NOT Be Happening According To Del Toro, Perlman

Stories like this suck…but Hellboy 3 will not be happening.

Both Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman have sent out tweets confirming this report which you can see below.


Sad. This development follows a Twitter poll Del Toro posted several weeks ago, wherein over 130,000 people voted on whether or not they wanted Hellboy 3.

Del Toro promised to sit down with Hellboy’s main creative team if that poll proved popular (it did: roughly 70% of respondents said “Hell yes”), and it appears that he made good on that promise in the time since.

Which means the question now is: so, what’s the hold-up? But given Del Toro’s phrasing on the Tweet embedded above, it doesn’t sound like further details will be forthcoming. Whatever happened sounds fairly definitive.

If this is truly the end for Hellboy 3, then nobody can say that the cast and crew did not give it all they had. Frankly, Del Toro has enough trouble getting projects off the ground; as we noted in our article on the Trollhunters trailer, that series was originally pitched as a movie before becoming an animated novel and finally a television series instead.

As long as Del Toro continues to bring his limitless imagination to the big screen, and finds occasion to cast Perlman in supporting roles, then fans should be content to support Del Toro in each of his new creative endeavors. Meanwhile, we’ll pour one out for the Hellboy franchise… at least until they reboot it with Damian Chazelle or something.

Anyway, sorry to bum everyone out with this, but you needed to know.

Do you think Hellboy 3 should get made? Voice your opinion in the comments section!


Source: Twitter

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