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Hot Rumor: Some Info On OCEAN’S 8

Hot Rumor: Some Info On OCEAN’S 8

An anonymous source has given us some info concerning Ocean’s 8.

Gary Ross (Free State of Jones, The Hunger Games, Seabiscuit) is directing the film from a screenplay he wrote with Olivia Milch, which will be a continuation of the George Clooney-led films.

Here is the information we got:

“So we’ve all seen the picture that was shown online… Who are exactly the Eight???

Sandra Bullock is Debbie Ocean. Danny’s little sister, she’s just been released from jail when the story begins. She goes to New-York City to execute a heist she’s been planning during her time spent in prison.

Cate Blanchett is Lou. She’s the manager/owner of an upscale NYC club. She’s known Debbie since they cross paths in Las-Vegas.

Helena Bonham-Carter is Rose Weil. A down on her luck clothing designer who’s close to being bankrupt. The ladies enlist her to make a dress for the Met Ball hostess.

Mindy Kaling is Amita. She works for her family jewelry business. Her expertise is extremely valuable to the plan.

Anne Hathaway is Daphne Kluger. She’s the celebrity hosting the Met Ball.

Rihanna is Nine Ball. Lou enlists this very peculiar hacker to help layout the heist.

Awkwafina is Constance. The “Linus/Matt Damon” of this outfit. She’s the perfect pickpocket.

Sarah Paulson is Tammy. A stay-at-home mom who has a shady past with Debbie. She’s the fence who will acquire all the materials necessary for the heist.”

I cannot wait for this movie. Hopefully the heist matches up to the Ocean’s 11 Vegas one.

Ocean’s 8 is set to hit theaters on June 8, 2018.

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