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Rumor: INFINITY WAR Will Feature a Very Different Steve Rogers

Rumor: INFINITY WAR Will Feature a Very Different Steve Rogers

Savvy viewers no doubt picked up on the fact that Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers character was sporting his bearded look in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer shown at this year’s D23. Those wondering what gives have a potential answer now that MCU Exchange has published info about what’s next for Captain America in that film.

It appears as if Steve Rogers will retreat enough away from his classic Captain America persona as to constitute a full-fledged nod to his “Nomad” incarnation from the comics. The info is not exactly surprising, as the story arc of a disillusioned Steve Rogers has been building up throughout the MCEU and reached a clear peak at the end of Civil War.


When we last encountered the hero, he had finished a tough battle with Tony Stark, broken his buddies out of jail, and gone into seclusion in the nation of Wakanda. It thus appears that in Infinity War he will be a man withou a nation.

As MCU Exchange noted, there was a brief stint in the comics during which a despondent Rogers wore a yellow and blue outfit, separated from his identity as Captain America. It does not appear that Infinity War will go that far, but the situation is clear, as Rogers will follow his own instincts and moral compass towards doing what is right as opposed to blindly following orders.

Only time will tell of course if eventually Rogers picks up the Captain america mantle again or if someone else will have to step up to the plate.

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