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Is it Necessary to Delay Flashpoint?

Is it Necessary to Delay Flashpoint?

The internet has been abuzz over the last few days with the news the Flashpoint film could be delayed depending on the performance of Justice League. It’s not unusual for Warner Brothers to do this given the fact they changed things major league after the performances of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The news came from Variety Reporter Justin Kroll, who was speaking on the podcast, Meet The Movie Press. He stated the studio has slowed their search for a director for the film as well as other DC movies the studio has planned.

What’s concerning is the question of how much faith the studio has in the product of Justice League itself. The studio has not only rewritten a great deal of the movie and even gotten a new composer but it appears there are great doubts as to whether the movie will resonate with audiences. On the surface level, there seems to be no doubt about the film’s success. It not only has Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman in it, but they are going up against some of the biggest villains of the DC pantheon.

They are facing down Steppenwolf, who is merely a precursor to the big baddie of Darkseid, who rules Apokolips, where the Parademons come from. As Justice League is an incredibly important film for the studio, Flashpoint could become another film that is significant to the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. For one, the story starts with a question for Barry Allen, The Flash: can he go back in time and save his mother? It’s a story that brings not only Allen forward but eventually the tragedy of Batman’s origins and what happened to his parents to the forefront. It serves as a dual Flash/Batman story.

After Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/The Reverse Flash kills Nora Allen, the mother of The Flash, it leads to a new life for our hero. A new timeline is changed, where he grows up with his mother deceased and his father in prison for her murder despite the fact he is innocent. Thawne came from the future and the timeline where he had faced Allen for a long time and they had done battle. He believed Nora Allen’s murder would stop The Flash from ever becoming the titular hero. However, that only eventually led Allen to go back in time to attempt to save his mother and restore the timeline to what it once was.

However, time had cemented at that point and was unchangeable. For Allen, he ended up changing the entire timeline of events for all the DC characters. In fact, he made it so that Bruce Wayne was killed by Joe Chill instead of the Waynes. Thomas Wayne became Batman and Martha Wayne became The Joker. Another side effect from Allen’s actions was in Superman being captured by the government and never being adopted by the Kents.

Flashpoint, the new timeline Allen created, also led to Wonder Woman and Aquaman never becoming heroes and instead going to war with one another, which threatened to destroy the world. It’s an epic story that deserves the grandest cinematic landscape on which to be portrayed. It’s been done in animation with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox but in a live action film, it could truly be something special.

It inverts the storylines of several key characters and could make things much differently than they have been in the past. The themes of children trying to save their parents and parents trying to save their children become the most important parts of the stories. It would be a shame if the studio decided to ditch the film because it would be a truly epic film and could be a revolutionary original film that breaks ground for future superhero films yet to come.

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