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James Gunn Pitched A MOON KNIGHT Film Idea To Marvel Studios

James Gunn Pitched A MOON KNIGHT Film Idea To Marvel Studios

James Gunn is quite the character. He’s got talent, charm, and unparalleled passion for all his projects.

In fact, he’s pretty much as cool any of the characters in the Marvel universe except his super power is making bad ass Marvel movies that go on to make hundreds of millions of dollars more than they’re supposed to.

And that was just with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now that he’s got his second Marvel movie on the way, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2, he’s become a go to director name when it comes to comic book movies. And the Marvel Comics fans know that.  Marvel Comics fans would love nothing more than for Gunn to take on another highly beloved Marvel character under his wing, Moon Knight!

So much so that even the @JamesGunn twitter page has become a destination for all of us geeks and super hero fanatics looking to help out his cause.

For example, check out this exchange James Gunn had with some fans on Twitter recently:

The real gem comes in a reply later on in the thread of tweets where a fan mentioned to Gunn that he should pitch the idea to Marvel and Gunn confirms that he has told someone with the studio about the idea. The two tweets in question can be seen below.

Sadly, we don’t think James Gunn can fit this character into the MCU quite just yet. There’s just so much going on already that it’s best to just let this one marinate in our heads a just a little bit longer.

Let’s just say we can all put MOON KNIGHT on our Marvel Queue list and save him for later.

Marc Spector, more commonly known as Moon Knight, has been a fan-favorite Marvel character for quite some time and fans have been champing at the bit for a live-action version of the street-level character.

In short, Spector is a mercenary who finds himself on the brink of death during a mission to Egypt. While having a vision during his near death experience, the Egyptian god Khonshu grants Spector a second chance at life should he assume the role of the god’s avatar on Earth.

After returning to life in America, Spector develops multiple personalities including millionaire playboy Steven Grant and taxi driver Jake Lockley.

Although his origin includes mystical aspects, Moon Knight doesn’t have super powers, rather he relies on his expert detective skills and various gadgets.

Even if the character and storyline of Moon Knight doesn’t exactly fit the big screen world of the MCU, don’t be surprised if down the line we see him mentioned as a possible TV or NETFLIX show.

Maybe James Gunn would prefer that anyways…

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