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Joaquin Phoenix to Play JOKER In Todd Phillips Origin Story

Joaquin Phoenix to Play JOKER In Todd Phillips Origin Story

Variety is reporting that the Oscar-nominated thespian Joaquin Phoenix was in talks and has now agreed to play the iconic DC villain, the Joker, according to sources. The movie would be written and directed by Todd Phillips , and would focus on an explanation of how the Joker became a villain.

As we have previously reported, the movie is set to be a gritty crime drama more than a comic book movie, and veteran actors like Leonardo DiCaprio have been considered for the role. Joaquin Phoenix himself has been in talks to do comic book movie villains before, including Lex Luthor, what with his natural snarl and piercing gaze.

This story is supposed to be separate and apart from the Jared Leto Joker, which has its own character stories in the works. It appears to be a part of a separate Warner/DC set of comic offerings.

According to Variety, sources have not yet confirmed all the details, but have offered that Scott Silver could join Phillips in the script room for this project.

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