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First Look At Jon Bernthal In THE PUNISHER Costume

First Look At Jon Bernthal In THE PUNISHER Costume

For those anxiously awaiting The Punisher on Netflix, this will serve as a little “good morning” cup of coffee.  Thanks to a little birdie on Twitter, we now have our first glimpses of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in The Punisher costume. Go on, have a look:

Well, we could guess away at why he’s dressed like that, but let’s assume this was near the beginning of Frank Castle’s decision that crime needs to be punished. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to see the other guy. Am I the only one who’s secretly hoping Castle shows up in The Defenders? I mean, he would really bring a nice BANG to any scene they decided could use some awesome. Also, do you think Jon Bernthal just breaks his own nose every week or two? I’m a fan, and I’d like to believe he’s that type of character actor. As always, we’ll be sure to let you know as more news on The Punisher breaks.

Marvel’s The Punisher marks the sixth series ordered thus far as part of the groundbreaking collaboration between Marvel Television and Netflix including the upcoming Marvel’s Luke Cage, Marvel’s Iron Fist, Marvel’s The Defenders and the Peabody Award-winning Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Let us know what you think of The Punisher costume?

Oh, and here’s a pretty good fan made trailer for the show…

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