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Josh Gad Tried To Get STAR WARS Spoilers Out Of Daisy Ridley Again

Josh Gad Tried To Get STAR WARS Spoilers Out Of Daisy Ridley Again

Josh Gad is at it again. If there was one movie out there in which everyone wants spoilers for, it’s Star Wars.

Well Josh Gad is a huge Star Wars fan and it’s only right that he looks out for all of us, right? He tried getting The Last Jedi spoilers last week from Daisy Ridley while on the set of their new movie, Murder On The Orient Express, but failed.

But like a true Star Wars geek you meditate and use then try to use the force again. Gad has posted round 2 of his Star Wars spoiler stealing attempts with Daisy Ridley which you can see below:

Josh Gad is awesome. He basically constructed new lines of dialogue for each of their Murder on the Orient Express characters. Much to disapproval of Ridley, their characters’ conversation took a turn from figuring out the murderous plot, and instead ask for answers for many unanswered Star Wars questions.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know The Last Jedi is the newly announced title of Star Wars Episode VIII and Ridley is obviously someone who has an intimate knowledge of that, being that movie’s star. Does the title refer to Rey? Luke? Both of them? Jedi can be plural or singular after all. Well, Gad asked and Ridley was having none of it.

I just hope we can continue to see Gad vs Ridley videos about Star Wars on a weekly basis. They’re fantastic!


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