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JUSTICE LEAGUE Motion Poster Featuring The Flash

JUSTICE LEAGUE Motion Poster Featuring The Flash

Splashbons, yeah I stretched a little for that one, sue me. Anyway, we’re so close to November 17th I’m almost gaining a level of confidence in Justice League‘s debut, it’s frightening. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Could be decent trailers. Could be that they had a little tease of Superman in the last one, and that wet my appetite. Regardless of how great (or otherwise) the film is, I’m looking forward to The Flash. I love the wiseguy of the group, and Ezra Miller does him justice. A moment of silence for Adam Brody, please.

Well, as the hype machine picks up steam, Warner Bros. dropped a new motion poster today. Some nice flashy work, nothing too wild, but yet again they’re just wetting the whistle.


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