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Is Justice League Worth a Protest?

Is Justice League Worth a Protest?

Justice League has been less than a universally praised film by either fans or critics alike. As is the case with most Zack Snyder films in the DC Cinematic Universe, the film was met with a divided response from most. Some people would not even go see the film despite hearing it was not as bad as the critics were saying it was. When news came that there was a different cut of the film, it caused many to start a petition. Fans wanted to see a Zack Snyder-cut of the film. They argued that the official version released was truly only half a Snyder film since Joss Whedon, who had been doing rewrites for the film, took over when Snyder left the film.

The petition led to a gathering of fans. They held a protest at Warner Brothers Studio and demanded the Snyder cut be released. Many were in costume too. Everyone from Batman and Wonder Woman to The Red Hood, himself, Jason Todd, showed up to show their support. Of course, the number of fans who showed up was not that large. It was only about 14 fans that came to demand that Warner Brothers be civil and adhere to their demands. This protest or merely a gathering of fans begs the question as to what exactly is happening today.

Films can make people passionate. The DC Cinematic Universe and its auteur, Zack Snyder, has divided DC fans and film fans generally who enjoy superheroes. However, is there much of a point to ask a huge movie studio to release a cut that may not even exist? There have been conflicting reports over and over again as to whether this version of Justice League is even out there. For many fans, it’s easy to understand why they would care about this. Like many of us, we can get wrapped up in films that take us out of our ordinary daily lives.

Who wants to constantly think about work when there’s constant news about a new film that’s coming out? It’s exciting to think that for the first time all the DC Comics’ heroes are teaming up to take on a giant threat. Whoever thought Steppenwolf would appear live first in a film instead of Darkseid? It seems strange to think that was the decision made on the villain, but, if it had gone as originally planned, the story sounded much more complex and dynamic than what was delivered to fans in the end.

Ultimately, it’s easy to understand why fans would be angry. However, are there not things more important in the world to protest? Our world is full of problems and one would think that could where one’s energy is best served. While a film is important to many of us, it’s not ultimately going to be something that changes the way the world works. It might be confusing, too, if some of these fans might have ditched work or school from this. Those things could be a tad more important.

Yet, at the same time, we all have our passions. It’s not hard to empathize and sympathize with passions such as those. Many people have things they care about a great deal and want to fight for. However, these characters don’t exist in the real world. But, they do exist in our own worlds as fans. They can be our favorite characters from fiction and we might want them represented properly. Some people were not necessarily happy about Superman’s portrayal in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but failed to complain about how he was shown in Justice League except for the controversial CGI mustache removal.

When looking at why fans would protest a film with their favorite characters that was the first live-action representation on-screen, it’s easy to sympathize and empathize with fans. Despite that, there could be more important things going on in the world that their energies may be spent better on regarding their protest. In the end, these fans don’t deserve any bashing from anyone. They deserve support from those who may feel the same. If you do not agree with their gathering, which might be a better term to describe the event, then kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. When Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Red Hood protest something, it’s hard not to think: “What if? What if these characters were real and actually protesting?” These characters are our new gods as the Greeks and the Romans had. To many fans, they represent something greater than any of us could ever aspire to be.

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery, and the entertainment industry.

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