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JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots Could Mean A Much Better Movie

JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots Could Mean A Much Better Movie

Splashuvians, we have been reporting on the Justice League reshoots lately, and the more information we receive, the more it seems this film might be taking a different shape than the the initial plan. That makes sense given how poorly Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were received.

Yes, they made money, and for that matter so did Suicide Squad. But, only Wonder Woman brought the type of acclaim that Warner Bros. and DC were hoping the entire DCEU might garner. The plan was to create a universe similar to what Marvel has done, but to go about it in a different way. Well, as time has gone on, things seem to have steered away from that.

The Flash In Justice League

First, Geoff Johns was placed in charge of the DCEU. Director Zach Snyder had previously played this role, which was similar to how Joss Whedon steered the MCU toward Avengers. Whedon went on to work with other directors during Phase 2 and brought about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC as well. Whedon stepped down after Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was received less favorably than the first Avengers film.

Snyder recently stepped away from directing duties for Justice League after a personal tragedy. But, in charge of the reshoots is Whedon. Avengers: Age of Ultron aside, who better to steer the ship than a man that played a key role in the competitor’s success?

Now, we’ve begun to see some of the photos from the Justice League reshoots and the news of more changes keeps coming. We’ve confirmed that new scenes are being filmed for the reshoots, and now Junkie XL will no longer be composing. You know who is composing the film? Danny Elfman.

Now, doesn’t that sound like things are shaping up in a great way? This has given some people less doubt when it comes to quality of the film we can expect come November. Plus, with Wonder Woman’s success at the box office, it’s being rumored that she her screen time in Justice League will reflect this new popularity. So, are we seeing the beginnings of Whedon’s Justice League? Some people seem to think so:

We don’t like to say we told you so. But, we have been telling everyone so for a while about the Justice League reshoots. (CLICK HERE to read where it all started) And, things look to be shaping up just as we said. How do you feel about this new Justice League? Are you excited, or would you rather have seen the original film Snyder meant to follow up Batman v Superman with? Let us know, in the meantime, we’ll be patting ourselves on the back.

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