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Kong And Godzilla: The Monster World Gets Some New Faces

Kong And Godzilla: The Monster World Gets Some New Faces

Godzilla has finally found a steady footing on its climb to relevance and it is bringing King Kong with it. The giant reptile was a hit in theaters in 2014 and Kong: Skull Island was a box office smash when it was released this past March, a time of the year not often associated with film hits.

Now, recent reports have it that the monster universe that Warner Bros. is piecing together will have its director for the first teaming of these two behemoths since the 80s, director Adam Wingard has come to a deal with Legendary and Warner Bros. that will see him helm the soon to come Godzilla vs King Kong.

Though that movie is not set to be released until 2020, fans will get to see Godzilla: King of Monsters, set to be released in 2019, which will pit the radiation breathing beast against the likes of Mothra and his worse enemy King Ghidorah.

The sequel film already has a notable cast, with Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, and the newly added Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley.

The signing on of Adam Wingard brings some anticipation of what we can expect to see on the screen and what the vibe of the movie will be since he is known to have a dark horror presence that has filled is resume with the likes of Death Note, The ABCs of Death, and a soon to be filmed Venom movie as projects helmed by his vision. We can be sure that whatever he comes to the table with will be something different and exciting to further the Monster Universe.

Source: THR / Variety

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