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THE LAST JEDI: Laura Dern Character & Other News Revealed!

THE LAST JEDI: Laura Dern Character & Other News Revealed!

STAR WARS fan sites are abuzz with latest news leaking from the production of the upcoming Last Jedi, slated for release later this year. (Warning: This article contains general, potential spoilers of the upcoming sequel to The Force Awakens).

As you obviously know, Laura Dern is the latest of superstars to join the Star Wars universe, and her character appears to be called Admiral Holdo and to lead a band of the Resistance against The First Order. Holdo is reported to be a sort of foil to Poe Dameron, leading at least a different faction of a potentially divided Resistance.

We are also hearing news that while she may be titled an Admiral, Dern’s character looks not like one, sporting instead a regal gown with a short cape, as well as metallic braces on her wrists to go along curled up pink hair. Think somewhat opposite to Leia’s new brown dress look, including her old A New Hope blaster.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, we’ve also read some new details about the Resistance fleet led by Dameron, including that his X-Wing appears upgraded and that the resistance BB units are now old and rusty, not at all evocative of R2-D2. BB8 is also making a reappearance, naturally, and he apparently will be with Ray and Finn for most of the action. And the ships that Dern’s Admiral Holdo will bring to the Resistance are interesting and awesome in themselves, apparently sporting ball turrets, sort of like some ships we saw in Attack of the Clones.  These ships will seemingly face-off against code name “100 Acre Wood,” which is really Supreme Leader Snoke’s Mega Destroyer.

The details are slowly coming together for what we have in store in the much-anticipated Episode VIII, and we like what we are hearing. No doubt as we get closer to trailer release date, speculation will run amok. We will keep you posted here, but let us know in the comments what you’re hearing as well!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters December 2017.

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