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Leaked JUSTICE LEAGUE Review Scores Portend Poorly For Film

Leaked JUSTICE LEAGUE Review Scores Portend Poorly For Film

Caught for months and weeks on end by all the negative publicity that surrounded the much-discussed reshoots, Warner Bros.’ Justice League is on the verge of seeing the light of day and letting the people–and the critics–decide. But an apparent glitch by the Flixster app overnight, an operating arm of Rotten Tomatoes, appears to reveal very not fresh scores of somewhere between 49 to 51% for the movie.

Well, at least it’s higher than Suicide Squad or Batman vs. Superman’s scores, I suppose.

What appears to have happened is as follows: Rotten Tomatoes began collecting reviews from critics around 3 a.m. this morning, when Warner set the expiration of the embargo. At that time, a score must have formed in the program’s internal system, but Rotten Tomatoes announced that it would keep the score hidden until midnight tonight, with the launch of its new program “See It/Skip It.” But someone at Rotten Tomatoes forgot to turn off all the lights it seems. At some point early this morning, the mobile app “Flixster,” which is affiliated with RT, showed scores of 49% fresh, which later changed to 51%.

To be fair, it is not clear just how many reviews exactly have been counted. We, for example, have not submitted a review (but it is coming tonight). It is entirely possible that scores could go up – or go down – between early this morning and tonight’s “big” reveal.

Still, the early word on the Internet is not kind to Zack Snyder‘s film. The New York Times, for example, wrote that it is at least “Better Than the Last One!” Ouch. Of course the scores were quickly taken off from Flixster, but there is no such thing as a delete button on the Internet. Pictures of screengrabs appeared on Twitter early in the morning and made their way across the Internet. An example is below.

What do you think the scores will finally be and, will it affect whether you watch the film? Don’t forget that the much-maligned Batman v. Superman had a rotten score of about 25% from critics, but audiences still gave it something in the mid-60s.

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