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LOGAN Post-Credits Scene Has Been Added

LOGAN Post-Credits Scene Has Been Added

Logan will have a post-credits scene after all.

If you’ve got plans to watch Logan when it’s out next month, be sure to note that you wouldn’t want leave the cinema immediately after the film ends.

That’s right, there are post-credit scenes that have been confirmed for Hugh Jackman’s eagerly awaited film although we’re still not sure if it would be mid-credits or at the very end.

Collider’s own Steve Weintraub said this about the Logan post-credits:

“I can confirm it’s true. When Logan is released on March 3rd it’ll have a post-credits scene. I’m not sure if it’s half way through the credits or at the very end, but I can 100 per cent tell you something will be there.”

Just because it’s fun, let’s assume that Logan will have an after-credits scene. Usually, after-credits scenes set up the next film in the franchise, be it a direct sequel or just the next movie in the schedule.

With that in mind, just what exactly would a Logan after-credits scene even be? Logan is pretty heavily separated from the other X-Men films, taking place far in the future where mutants are close to extinction.

It doesn’t really make much sense for it to set up, say, the rumored X-Men: Supernova or Deadpool 2 (though there is some wiggle room on that last one thanks to 4th wall breaking).

From what we’ve heard of Logan so far and considering that this is Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine, the movie seems finite and doesn’t exactly open itself to sequels. Unless the end-credits set up something like an X-23 movie, it’s hard to imagine what a sequel to Logan would even be about.

Logan could end with something like that but it’s impossible to guess what that scene would be. Personally, my vote is for a Deadpool cameo. Maybe even… Cable?

We’ll all know if Logan has an after-credits scene when the movie hits theaters on March 3.

What would you like to see in the Logan post-credits scene? Let’s us know in the comments section!


Source: Collider

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