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James Mangold To Release A Colorless LOGAN In Theaters

James Mangold To Release A Colorless LOGAN In Theaters

Logan is still in theaters and remains a much talked about movie among fans of the MCU and regular movie goers. It is almost a sure bet that when the movie is finally released on DVD and Blu-ray it will be a hot selling item with many sure to have already have it pre-ordered online. James Mangold, director of Logan, has been enjoying the well deserved praise for the Wolverine revival his film has caused, but he hasn’t been sitting around soaking up the fan appreciation.

James Mangold recently announced that he will be releasing a black and white version of the movie into US theaters exclusively for a one day showing and will be releasing this same black and white version on DVD as well as Blu-ray. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would I have to buy a black and white version of the movie? Couldn’t I just change the color setting of the TV or on the disc itself? Well, James Mangold’s explanation is that the entire film has to be “regraded [and] timed shot by shot.”, for the full effect to be more than just a changing of television settings.

How well will this single day screening do when it is released really depends on how much people want to see Logan again, but done without color. We’ll know May 16th, the release date for this Logan: Black and White.

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