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Marvel Is In No Rush With CAPTAIN MARVEL

Marvel Is In No Rush With CAPTAIN MARVEL

Marvel has found it’s Carol Danvers but has yet to find a director for Captain Marvel.

Even though Brie Larson was officially announced to play the lead in Captain Marvel back in July of 2016 during SDCC, there has been zero news since then.

Ms. Larson, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for 2015’s Room brings considerable star power to a character that is virtually unknown outside of comic shops at the moment.

But Captain Marvel has a tremendously loyal fan following, and it’s easy to see how this character (an Air Force pilot who ends up with the powers of a fallen Kree warrior) can translate that kind of success to a Marvel Studios production.

Justin Kroll, film reporter for Variety, was recently asked on Twitter for a Captain Marvel update and see for yourself what he said:

The movie isn’t out for a few years but that’s a good thing because a great script will help make the director’s job a bit easier. Presently though the search continues…but some names have made their way online.

Niki Caro (McFarland, USA), Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), Emily Carmichael (Powerhouse), and even Angelina Jolie are names heard as potential candidates to direct Marvel’s Captain Marvel.

Marvel has been fairly cautious about naming a director for this one, but we expect an announcement in the next few months.

See Captain Marvel join the MCU in 2019!


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