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Mark Your Calendars For MARVEL’S THE PUNISHER Premiere

Mark Your Calendars For MARVEL’S THE PUNISHER Premiere

Splashingtons, while many are eagerly awaiting Marvel‘s The Punisher premiere, no one really knows when we should be preparing to binge. Well, that may have come to an end. Thanks to‘s smooth detective work, we may not have to wait until November as most of the free world assumed. Nope, because according to the latest issue of Total Film, the date for the ultra-violent vigilante’s return is given as October 13.

There is a chance that could be an error, nothing is written in stone.

punisher date

Iron Fist and Defenders have done a great job of lowering my expectations, but I still have faith in Jon Bernthal and the rest of the Marvel TV team. So, if it’s October 13th we have just a few weeks left to make our own Punisher shirts.

My hopes for the season:

  • It will be 100x better than Iron Fist
  • Kingpin, they played off each other so well in Daredevil Season 2
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Machete squad fight scene

What are you looking forward to in Frank Castle’s first season?

Source: Reddit

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