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New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Features Cable

New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Features Cable

Splashers, I awoke to a lovely snowy scene. Everything was right in the world; then I opened my phone. There it was, a new trailer for Deadpool 2 featuring Josh Brolin’s face. Sigh. I questioned whether or not I would view said trailer for a moment, but ultimately gave into my curiosity. You know, for all my hatred of the casting choice for Cable (and what they did to Domino, who I’d rather refer to as Zazie Beetz), I’d honestly like to be proven wrong. I’d love for Brolin to blow me away (phrasing) and have to eat crow. Before I get to how I feel, please watch for yourself:


Let’s do a back and forth of the good and horrible. Ryan Reynolds humor saves this trailer, because I was rolling my eyes at Cable’s monologue up front so hard I have a headache. Did everyone catch Shatterstar and Hammer in the plane? Let’s all thank Brett White for his keen eye.

But, good God, Cable was exactly what I expected. I’m still reserving some disgust for future trailers (and ultimately the movie I’m sure to see) but aside from jumping over the truck, was there anything I was supposed to like seeing? I don’t know exactly why they lost the original director for this sequel, but I’m formulating some reasons. Tell me how you feel. Am I the only one who hates this? If I am, sound off!


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