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New International Poster For Marvel’s BLACK PANTER

New International Poster For Marvel’s BLACK PANTER

Splasheroonis, February 13th will be here any moment and as the Black Panther prepares to rip up box office records for February, who can be anything but appreciative. Marvel just can’t lose right now. Thor: Raganarok is a booming success (who didn’t see that coming?) The Avengers: Infinity War trailer will debut tomorrow(!), and they’ve still got this Avenger resting in between now and Infinity War. Have a look at this new international poster that was released for Black Panther:

Am I the only one curious why his mask looks like that? That is the Black Panther right? Did they change the mask internationally? Maybe it’s in a mask-holder… Hey, not every move can be a win, right? What are your thoughts on this new Black Panther poster? Will it keep you from seeing the film? Will you opt to see it in the states? Let us know!

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