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Editorial: Nightwing Welcome To Bludhaven

Editorial: Nightwing Welcome To Bludhaven

The good news finally seems to be coming through for DC. The Justice League trailer has yet to drop, but from what we’ve seen it looks great. Wonder Woman has her big villain and Batman finally has a director locked in.

But there are still murmurings as to whether the tide has really turned. After all, us DC fans have been hurt and left down before.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel, though? News has emerged from Warner Bros. that they are developing a Nightwing solo movie.

That’s right, Dick Grayson himself could be coming to the big screen. This is amazing news!! It’s a true shot in the arm that the DCEU truly needs right now. Something different and original.

Of course, they are expanding the universe with the introduction of Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and the aforementioned Wonder Woman. More original content is a welcome bonus though.

Just look at Suicide Squad. We had the Joker, again, but more fresh characters than old. A true gamble that kind of paid off. So, to see the original Robin doing his this is definitely something we want and need.

We haven’t seen the boy wonder on screen since the dismal Chris O’Donnell interpretation. If they do it right this time, though, it will be awesome.

Also, showing him all grown up and protecting Bludhaven instead of getting another origin story will be a bonus.

He even has a plethora of rogue’s to choose from. Tarantula, crime lord Roland Desmond, the Talon’s (assassin’s of the Court Of Owl’s) and Deathstroke, to name but a few.

With all of this, it can only be good that DC is expanding its movie universe. Who would you like to see cast in the Nightwing role though? Comment below.

Stay tuned…..

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