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Preacher Recap with Spoilers: S2E1 “On the Road”

Preacher Recap with Spoilers: S2E1 “On the Road”

In season one of Preacher, Jesse Custer got the power of the Voice of God thanks to a being called Genesis, the product of a Demon and an Angel getting it on, hopping into his body. He called up heaven for answers on an Angel phone and found out God is MIA – he left heaven and is somewhere on Earth hiding out. Now, with his best, murderous and vengeful gal Tulip and his addict vampire pal Cassidy, it’s time to find the Lord – literally. Oh yeah, and a Cowboy from Hell named the Saint of Killers has been tasked by a couple of angels to take Jesse out. All caught up? Let’s start Preacher season 2.

The Search For God

Our goofy trio hits the road – indeed, we’re told it’s just a day in, the first day they leave. Cassidy has a conspiracy story about foreskin and the many uses for it. Um, I’m not using face lotion for the next few weeks, y’all. Everyone makes fun of “Come on Eileen” by Dexy and the Midnight Runners, despite starting to sing along and bop their heads to it. Some cops try to pull them over, and we get some classic 70s style film effects on screen as Cass “loves a good car chase.” Yes, they found the absolute goofiest/best way possible to start this season and we should all be very, very happy right now. Of course, they run out of gas and the po-po catches up, dragging them physically out of the car.

There’re about 10 cops. Cass has his umbrella out and they wrest it away from him, and he starts to catch fire. Yup, it’s time for Jesse to uses some Genesis. He gets one to fill up their car with gas, one to, um… “mace his balls” and more. Tulip thinks Genesis “ain’t even fun.” As the cop with the gas can is going toward their car, bullets start flying. Judging by the accuracy and the size of the wounds, gonna go ahead and say this is the Saint. Jesse and Tulip try to get to some level of safety, but the bullets are going right through these cars. Cass is stuck under a cop car; they get him, get in their car, and bullets keep flying. Finally, we see the shooter. Oh here go hell come, it’s…

The Saint of Killers

Oh, did we not mention how Tulip got gas in her car? She used a cop’s intestines to siphon gas. SHE USED A COP’S INTESTINES. Good golly, this is… um… yeah. Okay, let’s move on shall we?

Tulip stops for some hot sauce with a Yoohoo chaser (as suggested by Cass) to get the taste of human intestine out of her mouth, and Cass heartbreakingly eats a cat (He got that one from Alf) to heal. They leave, and the Saint is marching along. He’s huge (perfect – right out of the comics, like a dang Steve Dillon drawing come to life). Still a man of few words, we see – when his call for “preacher” gets nothing out of the gas station attendant, he tears his tongue out. Um, hope you’re not eating while watching (or reading) this episode.

The musketeers get to the house of the “religious scholar” friend of Jesse’s, and he goes on in. Cass tries to convince Tulip they should tell Jesse about their little romp in the hay, but she’s not convinced. Um, for the record, me neither. So, Jesse’s friend Mike has a girl named Ashley in a cage.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s psychotic?

That’s what Tulip thinks of this – but Mike seems like he’s talking truth when he says he has her there to help curb her urges. Jesse and the scholar (and Tulip and Cass) have a chat about the missing God – he’s strangely cool about it, but he doesn’t seem to help much actual help.

Man, the repartee between Tulip, Cass, and Jesse is so outstanding in this episode. What a great payoff to the setup of the first season. It’s been a lot of laughs, including but not limited to Jesse sleeping between them, and the discussion thereof. I digress. Jesse and friend have a chat outside about God, his daddy, the church… and a parishioner, who said God had visited her, Tammy.

Finally, his proper name.

Oh man, I kinda liked this guy. The ominous music and barking dog says, “Saint of Killers is a-coming.” Yup, and Mike ain’t talking. We finally get “SAINT OF KILLERS” on the screen, after a season of calling him “The Cowboy” officially. Before the Saint can get anything out of Mike, he stabs himself in the heart. So… that’s that.

The trio gets to a strip club, looking for Tammy. She’s the manager in the back. She tells them “God was here, kept to himself, was a customer.” She tells Jesse that “God won’t answer your questions.” Jesse wants to ask Tammy questions using Genesis and Tulip is telling him not to. She finally agrees – and Tammy gets accidentally shot through the wall; She manages to tell him God was there for the jazz, not the girls, so… there’s that! Oh, and naturally, the unruly customer was Cassidy. Sigh.

A night at a motel includes some weird foreplay between Tulip and Jesse that involves breaking the bathroom door in half, followed by some loud thumping against their shared wall with Cass. Heh.

Jesse heads out for a smoke, and it looks like he sees the Saint of Killers. He tries to use Genesis to tell hi to stop, the Saint points his gun at him and…


Yup, that’s it. At least we only have to wait a day! More Preacher tomorrow, though, as this is a two-part debut event with the next episode tomorrow night, Monday the 26th, at 9 p.m. EDT.

Preacher airs regularly at 9 p.m. EDT Mondays on AMC.

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