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Preacher Recap with Spoilers S2E7: “Pig”

Preacher Recap with Spoilers S2E7: “Pig”

Last week on Preacher, Jesse and company struck a deal with the Saint of Killers – which Jesse proceeded to immediately renege on, instead using Genesis to strip the Saint of his weapons, lock him in the back of a van, and push him into a lake. Because that’s going to stop this guy, obviously. Oh, and Jesse sold 1% of his soul to do it, so that’s even better. Let’s see what kinds of bad decisions they can get up to this week, shall we?

The titular animal

Things start, quizzically, with a pig in Vietnam. A man and wife are talking about their food, and she looks out the window and starts to scream, but we don’t get to see why. Something to do with the pig, I’d guess.

Herr Starr, in his pristine white suit, arrives in Vietnam. The villagers are praising God, and he moves them aside to see what it is they’re looking at. The pig… is flying. So if you’ve ever said you’d do something “when pigs fly” then you’re pretty screwed. “Shit” is all Starr says aaaand role the titles!

Drunk and Dead Carts – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The New Orleans special

Two guys operating “Dead Drunk” carts are picking people up passed out on the street. Jesse has been to every jazz club in New Orleans, and didn’t find God (or the men in white suits). A guy on the corner is raving about the end being near so that’s always good.

Now we’re at a place called “The Hurt Locker,” where people are shooting each other in a tactical vest to see how long it takes them to get back up. Tulip volunteers her “boyfriend” Cassidy to try it out, and Jesse pretends to object to hype them up and raise the stakes. When Tulip gives Cass a kiss for good luck, he gets a little too into it, and Jesse looks pissed.

Cass takes the shot with the largest gun, and everyone leaves the bar thinking him dead. A little sip of blood, and they get all the money and get to get drunk for free. Yay!

What’s your problem, huh?

Jesse tries to talk to Tulip – she hasn’t been sleeping since the Saint of Killers touched her. She doesn’t want to leave the bar. They do leave, though, and Denis and Cassidy have a chat at the bar. The man half-passed out on the bar is a French professor, and translates for Cass, finally. “He says he wants to live forever, and he thinks that you can help him do that.” Denis is dying and wants to be vamped up. Cass says absolutely not.

“Then I will die hating you.” Way harsh, Denis.

Herr Starr makes a call from Vietnam, and says “it’s serious – they’re praying to a pig.” We only get his side of the conversation. As he’s drinking some water he sees something floating in it that seems to set him off.

Fredric Lehne as Saltonstall, Operatives – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television


Colonel Klaus Helmut Starr is talking to a man in a white suit and red tie. His recruitment interview into the organization, it seems.

Back in the present day, Cass is face down in the gutter. The collectors assume, from his lack of a hearbeat and all, that he belongs in the “Dead” cart, not the “Drunk” cart. They’re in for a surprise.

Tulip is floating, fingers falling all around her, and a hand at her throat – a nightmare vision of what happened to her when the Saint attacked – and we still don’t know what it is she saw there. Denis is asleep in his lazyboy with the window open, so she shuts it. A sound like a pot being clanged is coming from out in the hallway. We’ve seen enough horror movies to know she shouldn’t investigate – all she sees through is a faulty light.

Back in the apartment to make some tea, the window in the living room is open again. This is getting awfully creepy. Her tea water – she’d shut off the stove already, goes off again – it’s whistling even with the top open. As she turns around, the Saint is there, grabbing her by the neck again. He pulls out his gun and fires – and she wakes up, for real this time. Dream within a dream.

Wait we’ve heard this speech before

Jesse is watching the God audition tape – and it’s the same speech the guy on the corner was giving, mostly. Tulip tells Jesse she had another nightmare, and that if it wasn’t for Cassidy, she’d be dead. She says she feels something isn’t right. He’s off to talk to the guy on the corner, so obviously he realized it, too.

Cass is stuck in a morgue freezer. lol.

Back in the past, about 20 dudes looking to join up stand, naked. Starr makes a big point about them validating parking. As testing goes on, candidate after candidate gets eliminated – often painfully. Starr is next against the wrestler for hand-to-hand combat – when he gets put in a headlock, he starts stroking himself, distracting the wrestler, and it gives him the upper hand to take the guy down. This is so messed up, but also pretty funny.

We’re down to seven. Next test is seduction. This should be good. Yeah, he has no desire to go for seduction, instead simply saying, “Give me the microfische you bitch or I’ll kill you and your family.”

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ronald Guttman as Denis – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

How are they getting away with this on TV?

18 volts to the balls is… uncomfortable to watch. It’s down to Starr and one other candidate and the last test is marksmanship. The opponent fires six shots in a tight grouping at the head of his target. Starr shoots him in the head.

Starr’s in as the newest member of The Grail. The man in charge of their organization tells Starr that “Christ still lives – in a location guarded with men with machine guns.” His lineage – his direct descendant, is in the custody of The Grail, he says.

Starr is in the Samson unit, charged with killing any possible false prophets/beings being worshipped that could compete with Christ. They killed Charlemagne, Lincoln, and Belushi. Starr kills the man. And that’s how The Grail became his, apparently.

Spare a buck for beer?

Jesse goes down to talk to the corner guy who greats the Preacher as a “fellow soldier of God.” They’re gonna have a beer and a chat.

Cass gets out of the freezer and sees a couple mourning what appears to be one of their’s dad. Seems to be having second thoughts about Denis’s request.

Tulip goes back to the Hurt Locker and tells them they got scammed, and she did the scamming. She’s got the vest on, and when the hick is about to shoot, she sees the Saint standing there instead. She stands up with a four count still left over – they’re shocked, and she says again. TULIP IS NOT OKAY, YOU GUYS.

Wayne Ray Marty as Shooter, Hurt Locker Bystanders – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The World’s been ending since it started

Corner guy does genuinely believe the world is ending. He said there’s been an uptick in the crazy since Tom Cruise exploded. “The Cubs winning? Trump? That flying pig?” Hey, Go Cubs Go! (Cubs fan since the 80s, baby). We’ll leave the rest of that alone. The guy thinks people focus on the crazy because they’re scared of themselves.

Jesse asks Corner Guy about selling off a percent of his soul. Corner Guy thinks that’s a terrible idea. “If you’re looking for signs of the apocalypse, I would start with men selling off their souls.”

Herr Starr apparently just went ahead and poisoned the entire village (including the pig). His next target is in New Orleans: a Preacher, Jesse Custer.

And that’s where we leave you. Remember, anything you said you’d do “when pigs fly” is now fair game sooooo we’ll just leave you with that thought.

Preacher airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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