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R Rated Movies Could Be Coming To The DCEU

R Rated Movies Could Be Coming To The DCEU

Could you imagine an R rated DC movie? If rumours are to be believed, then we are due to get at least one.

We have been close so far, with the multitudes of deaths in Man Of Steel and it’s sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Watching the Dark Knight mow down Lex Luthor’s henchmen is as gruesome as it’s been so far, not to mention his extended fight scene from the bonus 30 minute ultra cut.

But with the stand out successes of Fox’s R rated Marvel movies Deadpool and Logan, you can see why DC are contemplating going down that path.

So, will they? An insider at Warner Bros. Dc films says the answer is “absolutely!”

“One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s).” He adds.

With other R rated movies such as Watchmen, Kick-Ass and The Punisher being so popular and having fans clamouring for more, it’s only right that the DCEU gives it a shot.

Stay tuned……

Source: The Wrap

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