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Exclusive: Story Details On SCARFACE Remake!

Exclusive: Story Details On SCARFACE Remake!



Scarface is an iconic 1980’s film. The Brian DePalma movie has spawned quintessential quotes and moments in pop culture. Al Pacino’s over-the-top performance as Tony Montana has influenced an entire generation of hip-hop artists. Why would anyone try to remake this modern-day classic? I’m guessing Universal Pictures wants to make a little more money on this property. This article is based on Jonathan Herman’s screenplay. The Coen brothers have been hired to polish this draft and Diego Luna is signed to play the lead. While directors David Mackenzie and Peter Berg have been approached to helm the project.

12-year-old Antonio (Tony) Zavala leaves his family to become a Sicario in the Sinaloa cartel. The young Mexican learns the violent way of the drug trade under the tutelage of the sadistic El Sapo. After he orders Antonio to kill his fellow trainee and friend Manuelito, the four boys turn on their mentor. They escape the chasing sicarios and make their way up to California. Cut to 5 years later, the boys are working as valets in the hottest club in Los Angeles. After running an errand for the club’s manager turns into a violent bloodbath, Antonio meets the dark figure behind the operation. His name is Michael Martillo and he’s the biggest drug dealer on the west coast. He offers Tony and his friends to work for his organization.

Diego Luna Scarface Remake

That’s where the story becomes quite familiar. Tony grows in power under Michael and wants to cut the Sinaloa Cartel from the entire process. He wants to go directly to the Bolivian supplier. This doesn’t sit well with the Cartel who try to violently force them to remain business partners. Michael becomes paranoid (cocaine will help with that!) and starts seeing Tony as a threat. It’s time for our hero to take over the business…

I wouldn’t call this project a true remake. It’s closer to a reimagining of the core storyline. Very basic stuff is taken from the 1983 motion picture: the scar, the betrayal, the cocaine and the Bolivians. His family has a very small role in this story. The fall of Tony Montana doesn’t happen either in this movie. Either they’re keeping it for a potential sequel or there was too much ground to cover for a single film.

Was it worth remaking? The screenplay is good and tells an interesting story. It’s closer in tone to Sicario then the 1983 film. The brutality of the cartel is once against viciously shown. Tony is a man of few words but you absolutely root for his character to succeed. I think Diego Luna will absolutely kill in this role. He’s a fantastic actor who can elevate his game when it’s needed. Scarface will definitely cement his place in the best actors under 40 category.

Perhaps it wasn’t necessary, but the Scarface remake deserves our attention. Every dog has his day and believe me you don’t wanna mess with him…

Scarface remake will open on August 10, 2018.

What do you think of the Scarface remake? Sound off below.

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