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Splashoons, you may recall a little while ago when Mario broke down some scoops for The Batman. Did anyone else notice that Mario gets all the comment love? No, just me? Moving on, you may recall this little gem about Matt Reeves:

They went back to Reeves, told him he had the final say on all things The Batman, and that’s why he came back and officially signed on.

That scoop just got confirmed by Matt Reeves.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview with

So the answer is yes, you did want assurances [before signing on to The Batman]. Maybe assurances isn’t the right word…

Reeves: No, it is.

So you are telling them, “Here’s what I want to do with Batman”?

Reeves: Yeah. When I come in, what I say is, “Look. First of all, you’re asking me if I’m interested in this franchise. I am. I love this franchise. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. But here’s the way in which I’m interested in it. And if you’re not interested in it in that way, then that’s totally fine.” And the good news was, they said, “Yeah, we’re really interested in that way.” And I remember this on Dawn, too. There would be moments where I came in for a pitch that was a certain version of the movie, and somewhere along the way, because they didn’t know me or whatever it was, they’d say, “Why don’t we do this?” And I would just simply say, “But that’s not the movie that we talked about. That’s not the movie I want to do.” And I have to say that they always backed down when it came down to that. And it’s kind of the way that I’ve always done it. And here’s the thing: I’m always happy not to do something. I’m usually looking for the reason to say no.

And, just like that, everyone on the Splash Report team has their smug suspenders on. It’s a “I told you so” party and all are invited. Now, doesn’t it make you happy knowing that Matt Reeves will have full control over The Batman? If you haven’t responded with a resounding “YES” just wait until the masses see what War for the Planet of the Apes delivers.

He can do no wrong, and should be hoisted on shoulders until softly drop in JELL-O. Are we still allowed to mention JELLO-O after the Bi… yeah. We’ll be back with more scoops, and remember: “Never doubt our sources.” I mean, things can change, but we’re right a lot. You get it. Cheers!

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