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Screenwriter Nicole Perlman Talks About The Challenges Of Writing CAPTAIN MARVEL

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman Talks About The Challenges Of Writing CAPTAIN MARVEL

Marvel fans continue to await the 2018 arrival of its first female-led feature in Captain Marvel. While the devastating do-gooder has been a longtime part of the comic book landscape, the character’s feature film debut is nevertheless loaded with logistical and political baggage. For Nicole Perlman, one of the two women currently writing the script, those issues have apparently provided quite the creative challenge.

During an interview with The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Nicole Perlman talked about the Marvel creative process and what it’s like to be writing the first female-led film in the MCU:

Nicole Perlman: I think theres a tendency to have that back and forth conversation of “Should it affect the story at all?” or “Should it affect the writing?” I think that making sure that Captain Marvel is not somebody who is a hero in SPITE of her femininity is important. She’s a very strong character and her being a woman is part of that strength. I will say that there are certain tropes you can get away without having to examine too much if you’re not writing the first female Marvel Studios lead; that could be read into a lot or that could diminish hero own proactivity, strength, and independence. There are things you wouldn’t think twice about Iron Man but you would think twice about for Captain Marvel.

Perlman was also asked about the difference between writing for Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy, comparing Marvel Studios to a “house of cards”, and noting that Carol Danvers is a bit more closely tied to the rest of the goings-on of the MCU than the Guardians:

Nicole Perlman: It’s a different kind of pressure in a sense. Meg [LeFauve] and I were hired a long time ago but we didn’t have our marching orders until recently. Marvel is a little bit of a house of cards in a sense that everything influences everything around it even if its very modular. Figuring out where the story fits in the MCU influences things as well. She’s an incredible character, but I will also say that since Marvel has done so many movies already, you really have to go out of your way to make sure her story is fresh and doesn’t borrow too heavily from the other films. She’s an incredibly strong and wonderful hero, but all the Marvel characters are. So you just need to figure out how to bring her to life in a way thats unique to her story but in a way that honors the canon and also gearing out the roles that she needs to play with everything that’s going on in the MCU. It’s a little bit of a twister game whereas “Guardians” is very free– where it’s like the sky is the limit. With Captain Marvel, it’s been trying to really figure out who Carol Danvers is and how to just tell a story that fulfills all the structural needs of who she is but also really channels the spirit of who this incredibly powerful and inspiring person is.

Captain Marvel was pushed back to November 2018 when Spider-Man: Homecoming was announced, then moved again to March 2019 to accommodate Ant-Man and the Wasp. Understandably, some were upset that Marvel’s first female-led film–which many think is already long overdue–kept getting delayed. However, Perlman says she wasn’t bothered by it:

Nicole Perlman: I don’t think I got offended or anything like that. I understand that so much of this is about marketing, schedules, things that have very little to do with the story or characters. Especially with Marvel and Sony coming together and collaborating this way, there’s a lot going on. It’s a giant business. Things get shifted around for reasons that have nothing to do with creative reasons. I think its kind of like “Oh that’s unfortunate,” but I’m going with the flow and hopefully it will just allow more time for the project to be fantastic.

While it has even yet to name a director, Captain Marvel has fans anxiously waiting out the next three years to see how this glass-ceiling shattering entry into the MCU will take shape when it hits theaters.

Who would you like to see direct Captain Marvel? What do you think of Nicole Perlman writing the script? Comment below!


Source: MCU Exchange

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