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Sean Teale To Play A New Mutant In The FOX X-MEN Series

Sean Teale To Play A New Mutant In The FOX X-MEN Series

Deadline reports that actor Sean Teale has officially joined the FOX X-Men series.

Sean Teale (Reign, Incorporated) has joined the drama as a never-before-seen mutant named Marcos Diaz (aka Eclipse). A rebellious loner by nature, Eclipse has the power to “absorb and manipulate photons.”

The pilot, from writer Matt Nix (Burn Notice) and director Bryan Singer, follows two non-mutant parents who learn that their children possess mutant abilities; the discovery leads them to join up with an underground network of mutants to keep their family safe from their anti-mutant government.

Teale joins previously announced cast members Stephen Moyer as Reed, the father of the aforementioned mutant children; Jamie Chung as Clarice Fong/Blink; and Blair Redford as Sam, the leader of the underground network.

Showrunner Matt Nix recently talked about the still untitled FOX X-Men series.:

“Suffice it to say it’s a show that contains some characters that fans will be excited about. I can’t talk about specifics, but it’s not like there are no X-Men in it. It’s a story that definitely comes at the world of mutants from the side. One of the things that’s come out [publicly] is the idea of a family that discovers their kids are mutants and has to go on the run.

The movies and the comics have generally started with the X-Men and encountered the world outside from the perspective of the X-Men. This show flips that on its head, in the sense that it doesn’t exclusively take place inside the world of people who are already X-Men and know that world.”

It should be announced this spring if the FOX X-Men series. will be picked up for the autumn. Keep checking the SPLASH REPORT because we should know the name of the show pretty soon!

What do you think of the X-Men series cast so far? Comment below!


Source: Deadline

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