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SILVER AND BLACK Production Official

SILVER AND BLACK Production Official

Splashiars, as well all know, despite making a great deal with Marvel to share Spider-Man Sony is still hellbent on trying to make films from some of his friends. That includes a Venom film that stars Tom Hardy, but won’t feature Spidey. Please read that last sentence with as much disdain as you can muster. Then, there have been rumors of the film were are gathered here to speak of today: Silver and Black. Just saying that makes me want to start singing Silver and Gold… sigh, I miss the holidays already.

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Silver and Black will be written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, will feature Silver Sable and the Black Cat taking on some classic Spidey villains. The question is, which villains will they deem not worthy or Spider-Man, and throw to these two to defeat? Please don’t choose someone as potentially great as Mysterio. He’s been relagated to the back of the line every time, and that man deserves to take on Spidey. Maybe the Toad? Just off the top of my head. But, since they said villains (plural) I have a hunch we’ll see any goon that’s been given a name in Queens brought to life for a good thrashing.

Sony is moving forward with production on the film, working under the title “Tri-Border”, set to begin on March 5 and run through mid-June. While Sony will use Atlanta, where they’ve been shooting Venom, as the main production hub, they will also be going on location in Mexico as reported earlier today by Omega Underground. Additionally, Kristi Zea (Silence of the LambRed DragonThe Departed), will be working as the film’s production designer, responsible for designing and delivering the unique looks of characters such as Mendel Stromm and Tombstone.

Sony’s Silver and Black is set for release on February 8, 2019, let’s all hope Marvel works something out before then. Fingers crossed!

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