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Featurette: The Spider-Man Goes Hi-Tech

Featurette: The Spider-Man Goes Hi-Tech

On July 7th there will be another Spider-Man movie, yes many of us have seen so many origin Spider-Man films that we can recite the story in our sleep, but this one will not be like the other origin stories. Spider-Man: Homecoming will not force us to re-watch the long teenage history of the web-slinger, instead we come in where Captain America: Civil War left off.

Spider-Man has made his impact on the Marvel world, aiding the side of Iron Man during the super hero smash up and now is back in his home of Queens, New York. This origin story is more of one focused on his legend, how he becomes the Amazing, the Spectacular, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but with a huge twist, this is not a suit constructed by a nerdy Peter Parker.

We all remember the genius of Parker, how he makes his suit and how he makes the super durable and strong webbing he uses to nab bad guys, well this suit is more like a flexible and elastic version of Tony Starks armor. There is an A.I. that helps with the functions of the suit, alerting Parker of possible dangers and tells him how to best optimize his abilities in it, also equipped with gadgets and programs that even Peter Parker doesn’t have access to.

The suit is a huge upgrade from the Spidey suit Toby McGuire danced around in, but maybe not for the better. I am almost leaning towards the mind that by the end of the film we will see Spider-Man come back to his roots and dawn a less techie saving the world outfit.

Adding Starks clear influence on the young and impressionable Peter Park gives another side to this good versus evil typical story. Peter will be battling more than just a baddie that wants to put him in a grave but his decision on what version of Spider-Man he will become, good ol’ web head or the Spider-Man with the hi-tech suit. Either way, if you’re a fan of the web-crawler you won’t be disappointed.

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