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Spike’s THE MIST Executive Producer Calls Show a “Reimagining”

Spike’s THE MIST Executive Producer Calls Show a “Reimagining”

At the Televisions’ Critics Association’s winter previews last Friday, executive producer of Spike’s The Mist Christian Torpe claimed that the upcoming show would be a “reimagining” instead of a remake. Torpe also told reporters that The Mist would be following “the Fargo approach”, and that the show would serve as a “weird, twisted cousin to the source material. While Torpe promises that the show will be original, he also claims that elements of the book and movie, as well as King’s works, will be prevalent in the upcoming series. As Fargo the television series was set in the same universe of Fargo the movie but featured a completely different storyline and set of characters, it’s possible that Spike’s The Mist will follow suit.

Torpe also addressed the elephant in the room, the incredibly controversial ending of Frank Darabont’s 2007 film adaptation of the King novel. While King ends his novel on a note of hope and optimism, Darabont’s ending is brutal and tragic to say the least. King has personally told Darabont that he preferred the Darabont’s ending, despite the director changing King’s source material. Like King, Torpe told critics that he preferred Darabont’s dark ending of the film, and the show’s ending would more likely feature the tone of Darabont’s ending than King’s ending. The news will most likely delight horror fans, who reacted overwhelmingly positive to the Darabont ending despite the more polarizing reaction from the general public.

The Mist will star Isiah Whitlock Jr, who famously played corrupt senator Clay Davis on the beloved HBO drama The Wire. The series will be featuring Emmy-nominated actress Frances Conroy of Six Feet Under. Starring in the lead role as Kevin, the series protagonist, is actor Morgan Spector. Spector’s most famous role is Al Capone in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. The TV series will feature multiple scattered groups who struggle to survive in the Mist. Despite Torpe’s reference to Fargo the TV series, The Mist will most likely not be an anthology series that focuses on new characters every season. The show will air on Spike presumably later in the year.

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Source: TV Guide

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