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Exclusive: Story Details On SOLDADO The Sequel To SICARIO!

Exclusive: Story Details On SOLDADO The Sequel To SICARIO!

SOLDADO Story Details
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2015’s Sicario was one of that year’s best movie. The brutal saga about the law enforcement war on the Mexican Cartels got three Oscar nominations and was a modest worldwide hit at the box-office (84m). The story of FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) was pretty much over by the end of the film.

When Lionsgate announced plans to make a follow up to the film, it sounded like a strange proposition. Many thought it was going to be a prequel telling the origin story of Alejandro who was brilliantly played by Benicio Del Toro. Instead, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan penned Soldado to be a direct sequel to Sicario.

What happened to Matt (Josh Brolin) after the events of the first film? The CIA officer is in Somalia torturing terrorists for information. His brutality has not wavered and he’ll do anything to protect his country. Meanwhile Alejandro is back in Colombia doing the Medellin Cartel’s dirty work. His methodical violence is still very unsettling. He’s basically turned into an evil Narcos character.

Josh Brolin Sicario

After ISIS terrorists blow up a Costco in Kansas-City, Matt is called back into the United-States. The government discovers that the bombers had used the Cartel’s help to enter the country. The President decides to add the Mexican cartels to the list of terrorist organizations. He gives the CIA a blank check to covertly attack them and disrupt them. Their mission is simple: destabilize the cartels by having them fight each other’s.

Divided and weaken, those cartels will be easier to defeat and wipe out. Matt is put in charge of those efforts. He immediately enlists military contractors and his old friend Alejandro. They formulate a plan to kidnap the daughter of Carlos Reyes, the head of the Sonoran Cartel. They’ll blame the abduction on a rival cartel to set off a war that will bring all of them down. Of course, not everything goes according to plan and all hell is unleashed down in Mexico.

The original Sicario was a dark and savage thriller about the cruel violence perpetrated by the drug cartels. Soldado is quite different from its predecessor. The film takes the universe of the original and expands it on the global stage. The stakes are higher and the action set pieces are much more elaborate. Isabel Reyes, the kidnapped daughter, is an interesting new character. She’s the naive teenager who has lived off the spoils of the cartels without facing the violent consequences of the drug trade.

Benicio Del Toro

Alejandro is the perfect foil to her innocent ways. His character is even more brutal, ruthless and violent in Soldado. He’s completely gone off the rail and there’s no redemption for him in sight. The most interesting addition to the film is the story of Miguel, a young teenager who starts working for the cartel. The movie follows his rise through the organization and the impact that the drug war has on a seemingly normal kid. His path eventually crosses with Matt’s crew and the emotional payoff is solid.

The paranoid, claustrophobic and disturbing intimacy of Sicario has disappeared. It’s replaced by an action movie that wastes no time. Soldado is intense, vicious and highly entertaining.


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