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SUMMER LOVE by Tyler Richardson

SUMMER LOVE by Tyler Richardson

Splashers, as you know, I’m a man of many hats. I’m an Official Artist in this year’s New York Television Festival since I was a finalist in TruTv and NYTVF’s Breakout Comedy Initiative. I’m looking forward to October. I’m still hitting the streets every night and performing stand-up comedy, and dare I say, I’m not bad. If you were a fan of our previous home (wink) then hopefully you’ve listened to my comedy mixtape Strawberry Cough.

It features a lot of big names in NYC comedy, and myself. Creatively, I’m in a space where I’m just doing whatever I want, and I hope that people enjoy the products. With that being said, I am a huge fan of rap. I had an idea for a song, and decided to run with it. So, here is the audio for Summer Love. I hope you enjoy, and there will be a video coming soon with more surprises.

About The Author

Tyler Richardson

Tyler resides in Brooklyn, NY but was raised in Northern Virginia, where trees are. He's a freelance writer, burrito enthusiast, and stand-up comedian. Tyler loves writing about horror movies, comic book films, and is a proud fan of Pauly Shore's body of work.

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