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T.J. Miller Speaks on DEADPOOL 2’s Tone

T.J. Miller Speaks on DEADPOOL 2’s Tone

Splasheroonis, T.J. Miller recently spoke with about the upcoming Deadpool 2, and puts some sequel speculations to rest. Let’s just straight to his comments, then we’ll go back:

T.J. Miller said:

“It’s not going to be like Hangover 2, it’s not going to be the same movie in a different location, for instance. It’s got different stakes, different things happen, some pretty tragic, dark sh-t happens in the first part of the film, in the beginning, and the rest of the film is kind of dealing with that, so that’s interesting. But Weasel remains just absolutely the most selfish individual on the face of the planet.”

Hmm, tragic events in the beginning of the film? Well, my Deadpool knowledge is a little foggy but I’m guessing the love interest from the first film meets her unfortunate end. I don’t see much room for the Merc with the Mouth to be running around in love while doing the Lord’s work. But, how long do we grieve after she dies? About five minutes before Deadsie starts hurling the jokes again. It’s a pity, because their love story was cute, but it’s okay we’ll make lemonade.

We shall see what Deadpool 2 photos and news comes from this week’s Comic Con. Question is now that T.J. Miller said what he said, “are you happy knowing that D2 (Mighty Ducks!) won’t be pulling a Hangover 2 maneuver?”

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