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THOR: RAGNAROK Teaser Trailer Wets The Appetite

THOR: RAGNAROK Teaser Trailer Wets The Appetite

The screen fades up from black and we see Chris Hemsworth’s Thor dangling from a chain over what looks to be semi molten rock. “I know what you’re thinking.” these words are said just as “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin begins to pick up pace and the vocals kick in. We then see Hela standing with an anticipating grin, crushing his trusty Mjolnir hammer in her open hand.

hela - thor

These two quick clips are followed by a captured Thor and introduction of characters I have never seen dragging our hero into an off world coliseum for battle with none other than…Hulk! Yes, this is the teaser trailer for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie set to release in November of this year as a continuance of the story arc being told in the MCU.

hulk - Thor

The teaser is packed with glimpses of new characters making appearances for the first time on any screen, be it television or theaters. The fans will be treated to Skurge, the somewhat infatuated admirer of Enchantress, Sif, The Grandmaster, and Hela the queen of the dead. It gives the impression of being packed with action but I wonder if I have already seen the best parts of this movie, which if I have, well, let’s say it wouldn’t be as disappointing as Thor: The Dark World.

Skurge Thor

grandmaster thor

hela 2 - Thor

Movies often make the mistake of putting way too much information into the trailers, almost over teasing fans and potential movie goers, but in this case it is wise to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt as we know that this will in some way tie into Avengers: Infinity War that is creeping upon the MCU. Oh, did I mention that the good Doctor is making an appearance as well? As we look toward the release of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 this May, it seems Marvel has lined up quite the buffet of comic book movie films to keep us happy as Thanos’ arrival becomes more imminent.

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