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Transformers in Time: New Possible TRANSFORMERS Movie Ideas

Transformers in Time: New Possible TRANSFORMERS Movie Ideas

The TFCU, better known simply as the Transformers Cinematic Universe, has just gotten much bigger. All of the movies have been set on our planet earth and present day, even the soon to be released, Transformers: The Last Knight, which is a bit more futuristic but still based on our planet. A recent report from the Writers Room of the TFCU has given fans a little more insight into what the future holds beyond the upcoming June 21st release, as if we needed any reassurance that there would be a future.

The report reads that Transformers: The Last Night, is actually a mashed up film of a few story ideas pitched by Ken Nolan, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway, the story writers for the film. The stories were placed in different times and had different paths that merged to become the 5th film of the series. Nolan’s idea was a Transformers crossed into a King Arthur story idea while Art Marcum and Matt Holloway had theirs set in World War II.

The end result looks to be a story of an honorable bot from Cybertron fighting for what he believes to be the path, even if others do not see it, but the time jumping won’t stop there. The other movies in the pipeline are set in the 1980s and possibly go as far back as ancient Rome.

The 1980s movie will be focused on the story of the radio chatting Bumblebee with less robots and him as a scout of sorts. The idea of less robots in a movie about a Transformer seems like a bad idea but could allow the studio to focus more on the development of the often used but never fully center stage hot ride.

There are no details for the ancient Rome story but any fans imagination could see some of the famed monsters of the mythical times being Decepticons or other stranded bots from Cybertron. The possibilities are pretty wide open for where the TFCU can go after what looks to be the last battle on earth so hope you are ready for the next form of robots in disguise.

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