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Splash and tonics, there have been rumors of X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga that keep pounding on my door as of late. I shout “go away, I’m an MCU guy!” But, the rumors are persistent, like a Jehovah’s witness. Here’s what we know: Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey will return in the lead role. It’s also been said that it will focus on the younger group of mutants we met in X-Men: Apocalypse.

On the good side of these rumors, Michael Fassbender is expected to return as Magneto. On the bad side, it’s rumored Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique will also return. Ugh! Haven’t we seen enough Mystique for the rest of our lives. Where’s Morph?! If I must watch another shape-shifter that will bore me, let’s bring that Benedict Arnold into the fray.

Cinemablend spoke with producer Hutch Parker regarding comments on Magneto and Mystique, and he dropped this quote about the two actors:

“I’d rather not confirm any of those officially, but yes, the current story that we’re working on has that group involved as well as some of the younger characters that we introduced lasttime.”

X-Men: Last Stand (2006) Anna Paquin as Marie/Rogue

Speaking of characters who I’d love to see killed off, Parker was questioned about Rogue (Anna Paquin), since she plays such an integral role in the saga:

“We’re all sorting out exactly which mutants will be part of it, and which ones won’t. It is a bit more expansive than… obviously Logan was a bit more intimate of a story. This one’s a bit more expansive, and you know the comics, so you know how and why. We’re still kind of sorting that through.”

Let’s just throw her in so we can bid Rogue a fond and fair ado. Her character was a weird hybrid of Jubilee and Rogue, and now that Jubilee has been introduced we can start over again with our new Wolverine. The only problem is that with Gambit around the eventual corner, can we still do the Gambit & Rogue love story? Paquin is still somewhat young, but never really lit up the screen as Rogue.

Sigh, thankfully those story line worries fall on the shoulder of someone else. Because if it was up to me, my advice in a meeting would be “let’s see if we can give this back to Marvel, also I want pizza.”

Stay tuned for more Dark Phoenix Saga news!

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