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VENOM Will Not Be Part Of The MCU

VENOM Will Not Be Part Of The MCU

Splashicrats, this should come as no suprise to you but Sony’s Venom movie will not be connected to the MCU. They’ve told us this before, but perhaps the excitement of Tom Hardy being cast as Eddie Brock has given people a case of amnesia. Perhaps the movie will be worthwhile without including any mention of ol’ webhead and everything else that is Marvel. Right now, I’m torn. I love the character but that’s like trying to have Tails movie without mentioning Sonic the Hedgehog.

Surely, Tom Hardy wouldn’t sign onto a project that did not have an excellent script… right? I have faith in the Hardy, when is the last time he was involved in something terrible? I wonder what this means for Carnage. It would be pretty impossible to do Maximum Carnage with just Venom, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try.

Though, the first film may be one long origin tale where he takes on a local gang in his neighborhood for all we know. Remember how little action was involved in the first Iron Man? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony opted to go with developing Brock’s character (and the symbiote) instead of going for the action scenes we expect from a Venom movie.

Here’s video of Kevin Feige discussing Sony’s project and reminding us that this film is in no way connected to the MCU:

Can we expect to see Venom in the MCU?

No plans to include him (Venom) in the MCU right now, that is Sony’s project.

Are you excited about a stand-alone Venom film? Or, do you think it’s doomed from the start?

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